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  • For over 125 years, Maytag has made affordable and dependable consumer appliances. Coast Appliances offers a wide range of Maytag appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, ranges, microwaves, and fridges. With any purchase of a new Maytag appliance, our team will deliver your new appliance and remove your old one. In addition, our competitive pricing and flexible financing ensure that you get the best price.
Maytag Canada FAQ

Maytag is one of the oldest and most respected appliance brands in the consumer products industry. While Maytag was a reliable brand on its own, the company's merger with Whirlpool over 15 years ago solidified its quality and reliability. As a result, Coast Appliance has a wide selection of highly-rated Maytag appliances, offering you competitive pricing on whichever quality model you choose.

While Maytag is a well-respected and high-quality brand, it’s designed as an affordable product line for everyday consumers. Maytag's parent company, Whirlpool, has other high-end lines designed for luxury needs. However, Maytag products are continuously reliable, and along with our price match guarantee and flexible financing, we can help you bring home a new Maytag appliance today.

Most appliances' average lifespan is between 10-11 years, although some will last much longer, and others may not last for 10 years. However, Maytag's reliability and its 10-year limited parts manufacturer's warranty should give you peace of mind. While we offer many major appliance brands, Maytag is one of the oldest and consistently reliable.

While all of Maytag's appliances are designed with affordability and reliability in mind, their washers and dryers are consistently ranked in the top 10 lists for laundry appliances. So if you need a reliable new washer and dryer but didn't plan for the expense, Coast Appliances can ensure you get competitive pricing and offer you flexible financing.