Miele refrigeration appliances and wine storage systems are not just excellent in terms of their scope, quality and premium design, they are also known for being extremely versatile.


A place for every type of food: Miele Refrigeration Appliances come equipped with special features to keep food fresh, freeze it, or store it, all under optimum conditions. Whether you choose a built-in or freestanding appliance, MasterCool or PerfectCool, is up to you. Regardless of your choice, Miele Refrigeration Appliances add convenience to a healthy and modern lifestyle.


Wine Storage Systems

More perfect than the original: While a wine cellar provides the perfect storage conditions, your Miele Wine Storage Unit can be set to the ideal serving temperature of different wines thanks to a maximum of three different temperature zones.


Indispensable: The ventilation hood is an essential part of your kitchen. It ensures good air quality and filters out grease and odors. What’s more, it looks good too – with a wide range of designs and models available, you are sure to find the right one to suit your needs and your kitchen. Explore our selection of Wall and Island Hoods, Downdrafts and Built-in Ventilation Systems.