Coast Appliances Over the Range Microwaves

Over the Range Microwaves

  • Over the range microwaves are a convenient way to free up counter space, putting your microwave over your cooktop. They combine all your cooking appliances in one area of your kitchen, and with Coast Appliances’ network of professional installers, adding one to your kitchen is easy and trouble-free.

Benefits of Over-the-Range Microwaves

Over the range microwaves offer a sleek, integrated solution for efficient cooking and kitchen space management. These appliances are designed to fit above your stove, saving valuable countertop space while providing powerful microwave functionality. With features like built-in ventilation systems, they also double as range hoods, helping to remove smoke, steam, and cooking odors from your kitchen. This dual functionality makes them an ideal choice for smaller kitchens or for anyone looking to streamline their kitchen’s layout.


The versatility of over the range microwaves extends to their cooking capabilities. Many models come equipped with advanced features such as sensor cooking, which automatically adjusts time and power for different foods, ensuring optimal cooking results. Some also offer convection cooking, allowing you to bake and roast dishes, adding greater culinary flexibility. Their strategic placement above the range puts them at a convenient height for easy access, making cooking and multi-tasking in the kitchen more effortless.

Bringing Your Over-the-Range Microwave Home

Choosing the right over the range microwave involves considering the size, style, and features that best suit your kitchen and cooking needs. At Coast Appliances, you will find a wide selection of over the range microwaves in various sizes and styles to complement any kitchen décor. It’s important to measure the space above your range to ensure a perfect fit. Also, consider the wattage for efficient cooking and the capacity to accommodate your typical dish sizes.


Installation of over the range microwaves is more intricate than standard countertop models and typically requires professional installation. This ensures proper mounting and ventilation setup, essential for safe and efficient operation. Our professional installation services can ensure a hassle-free setup. A properly installed over the range microwave enhances your kitchen’s functionality and aesthetics.  

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Over the Range Microwaves FAQ

Not every microwave can be installed over a range. Over the range microwaves are designed with bottom vents that traditional models won’t have.

Over the range microwaves don’t need to be vented outside. They have vents to channel hot air and steam from cooking away from the microwave, but the air can be vented into the kitchen and not through the wall. The vent also usually has lights to illuminate the cooktop.

Most over the range microwaves are sized to fit over a standard-width range, which is around 30 inches. At Coast Appliances we carry over the range microwaves in standard and non-standard sizes.

Popular brands of over the range microwaves include Wolf, Miele, Bosch and Fisher Paykel. Coast Appliances carries these and other brands in our showrooms.