Appliance Finishes Guide - How to Choose the Right Finish for You

There are many things to consider when investing in new appliances for your home, including features, budgets, and appliance finish solutions. Today, homeowners have more options than ever when it comes to the look of their appliances.  

In addition to black and white finishes, appliances now are readily available in stainless steel, bronze, and even custom finishes. We'll walk you through your appliance finish options and help you choose the best finish for the appliances in your home. 

In this article, we’ll cover: 


Types of Appliance Finishes 

Not only does a finish impact an appliance's appearance, but it can also affect its cost. Below, you'll find more about the different finishes available and appliance finishes pros and cons. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliance finishes are one of the most popular options available, especially for kitchen appliances. This is a sleek, shiny finish that complements many color schemes. 

PROS: Not only is stainless steel nice to look at, but it's incredibly resilient. It can fight off rust, corrosion, bacteria, stains, and more. If you want appliances that will hold up well over time, stainless steel can be a great choice. 

CONS: Some people don’t like stainless steel as it’s prone to smudging, but some stainless appliances have a smudge-resistant finish. Stainless steel can also be more expensive than other kitchen appliance finishes. 

Stainless steel appliance finishes are best for: 

  • Families 

  • Home cooks 

  • Anyone wanting a sleek-looking, durable kitchen 

If you're interested in stainless steel, shop some of Coast’s top-selling stainless steel appliances below. 






Black Stainless Steel 

If you're drawn to the durability of stainless steel, but you have concerns about smudging, black stainless steel can be an excellent alternative. This appliance finish is steadily growing in popularity and a sought-after option for both kitchens and laundry rooms. 

PROS: Black stainless steel complements many kitchen color schemes and is naturally resistant to smudging. It's a bold, modern finish that can really make a statement. 

CONS: Although this finish provides protection from staining and corrosion, it can scratch easily. In addition, the shade of black used can vary from brand to brand, which can make matching appliances difficult unless you stick to one brand. 

Black stainless steel appliances are best for: 

  • Modern kitchens 

  • Buyers interested in luxury appliance finishes 

  • Anyone who wants to keep up with the latest appliance trends 

It's likely that the popularity of black stainless steel will only grow as time goes on. Check out some of the best-selling black stainless steel appliances at Coast below. 







White finishes are a traditional, basic option that have been used in homes for many years. While a white finish may not be as trendy as an appliance paint stainless steel finish, it's still a popular option offered by many major brands. 

PROS: Appliances with a white finish tend to be affordably priced, making them an excellent low-cost option. In addition, white finishes are resistant to smudging. A white finish is your best choice if you'd like a kitchen that's completely white. 

CONS: Although white finishes will hide fingerprints, they will show dirt. White appliances may also stain over time, which can make them difficult to maintain. It may be necessary to use cleaning products like bleach to keep white appliances clean. 

White appliances are a good option for: 

  • Families 

  • Buyers on a budget 

  • Farmhouse-style kitchens 

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In addition to more neutral finishes, you can now find appliance finishes in many fun, bright, and bold colors, including red, green, orange, and yellow. These colorful finishes can add a pop of color to any home. 

PROS: Colored appliance finishes can make your home feel more unique. Appliances in bright colors also tend to hide fingerprints and dirt, making them easy to keep looking clean. 

CONS: Scratching can be an issue with color appliances, especially if you choose a finish in a lighter shade. It can also be difficult to match color appliances, particularly if you're buying appliances from different brands. 

A colored finish appliance is best for: 

  • Retro-style kitchens 

  • Laundry rooms 

  • Homeowners who want to make a bold statement 

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How to Choose the Right Appliance Finish for You 

If you're looking at new appliance finishes, you'll find an amazing selection to choose from at Coast. From sleek stainless steel to basic black to classic white to bright and bold colors, there are finishes suitable for any home. 

Whether you're looking for the best kitchen appliance finish or you’re buying appliances for another room in your home, you'll want to consider both appearances and practical matters when selecting a finish. Ask yourself questions and compare different finishes so you can find the best finish for you. 

What appliance finish is the most popular? 

Stainless steel appliances are durable and work with many design styles, making them one of the most popular finishes available. It's especially common to see stainless steel finishes in the kitchen.

What appliance finish is easiest to clean? 

Even though stainless steel appliances smudge easily, they're simple to keep clean. Black stainless steel appliances and appliances with a smudge-resistant coating are both excellent options. 


Which appliance finish is best for kids? 

Smudge-proof stainless steel is one of the best options for households with kids. Appliances with a black finish are also a solid choice. 

What color of appliances are in style? 

Stainless steel is as popular as ever, but there are many other popular appliance finishes has to offer, including black stainless steel and appliances in bright colors like red and blue. Appliances with slate finishes or custom finishes are also growing in popularity. 

FAQs About Appliance Finishes 


Why are stainless steel appliances so popular? 

Stainless steel is one of the most durable finishes for appliances, which makes them a popular choice. Although fingerprints and smudging can be an issue, many newer stainless steel appliances are designed to be smudge-proof. 

Can I mix stainless steel and white appliances? 

While it's standard to match appliances, mixing appliance finishes is an option, too. When mixing different finishes, try to avoid using similar finish colors in different shades. 

Are all white kitchens going out of style? 

All-white kitchens aren't on trend, but they're still considered to be a classic option. White kitchens have always been traditional and popular, and it's unlikely that they'll ever go out of style. 

Are white kitchen appliances making a comeback? 

Stainless steel remains the most popular option for kitchens, but a growing number of households are opting to use white appliances in the kitchen. White finishes are particularly popular for farmhouse-style kitchens. 

Are black appliances making a comeback? 

Appliances with black finishes have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Black stainless steel appliances are especially trendy right now. 

Do new appliances add value to home? 

In general, new appliances, floors, and countertops can all add to a property’s selling price. According to Consumer Reports, remodeling your kitchen can increase your home’s value by as much as 3 - 7%, which is substantial. However, other research shows that most people only get about half the cost of the appliances back, so you’ll need to be smart if you’re planning to upgrade before selling.