Best Cooktops Your Money Can Buy

In the heart of every home is a kitchen, and in every kitchen, a cooktop that brings it to life. The right cooktop is critical, whether for a simple dinner or a festive holiday feast. Here, we've rounded up the best options for every budget, from affordable gems to luxury marvels. And for a blend of quality and value, here's a broad selection of cooktops to choose from. 


Let's find the cooktop that makes your kitchen complete. In this article, we'll cover: 


Factors to Consider When Buying a Budget Cooktop 


Buying a budget cooktop means maintaining quality and functionality. It's about finding the right balance between cost, efficiency, and features that suit your specific needs. Set a budget before you go shopping to help you narrow down your options. Budgeting also keeps your search focused. Additionally, consider potential installation fees and long-term energy costs. 


Here are other crucial factors to consider:  


  1. Fuel Type: Budget cooktops come in gas, electric, and induction. Gas cooktops offer quick heat adjustments, while electric ones are known for even heating. Induction cooktops, slightly pricier, provide rapid heat and energy efficiency. 


  1. Size and Layout: Consider the cooktop size based on your kitchen space and the number of burners you need. The layout is also essential for ease of use and accommodating different pot sizes. 


  1. Material and Durability: Look for materials that are easy to clean and maintain, like stainless steel or tempered glass. Durability is vital to ensure your cooktop withstands regular use. 


  1. Controls and Features: Budget models might have basic features, but look for ones with adequate control over heat settings and safety features. Auto shut-off, child lock, and hot surface indicators ensure safety, especially in households with children. Consider the number and size of elements and whether they offer flexibility for different cookware sizes. 


  1. Energy Efficiency: Choose cooktops with an Energy Star label, a mark of energy efficiency that helps reduce consumption and cut utility bills. Models with higher energy ratings are more efficient, offering long-term savings despite their initial costs. 


  1. Installation and Maintenance: Consider the ease of installation and future maintenance needs. Some cooktops require professional installation, adding to the overall cost. 


  1. Additional Features: Extras like digital controls, timers, and WiFi connectivity offer added convenience but may come at a higher price. 


  1. Brand and Warranty: Opt for brands with a good reputation for reliability. A good warranty can offer peace of mind and protect your investment. 

Which Cooktop Can You Afford With Your Budget? 


Selecting the right cooktop shouldn't be a compromise between quality and affordability. No matter the budget, there's a cooktop that will perfectly fit your needs. Let's break down top picks in various price brackets to ensure your budget buys the best functionality and style.


Best Affordable Cooktops (Under CA$1000)     


Here are the top budget-friendly cooktops and their best features: 

  • Quick Boil Element: Powerful 3,000W for faster meal preparation. 

  • SpaceWise Expandable Element: Adapts to various cookware sizes. 

  • Ceramic Glass Cooktop: Beautiful and easy to clean. 

  • Ready-Select Controls: Simple, user-friendly temperature control. 

  • FlexHeat Dual Radiant Element: Accommodates small and large cookware. 

  • Hot Surface Indicator Light: Safety feature for hot cooktop. 

  • Wall Oven Compatible: Flexible installation with or without a wall oven. 

  • Extra Elements: 8" and 6" elements for smaller dishes. 

  • Hi-Lite Ceramic Zones with Power Boost: Speeds up cooking with a powerful boost function. 

  • Power Levels: Adjustable heat levels for versatile cooking. 

  • Smart Pause: Temporarily holds settings for convenience. 

  • Child Safety Lock: Prevents unsupervised heating. 

  • Flexible cooktop for various cooking needs 

  • Front Controls for easy access    

  • High-Performance: Offers instant transition from high heat to a simmer. 

  • UltraHeat 20K BTU Burner: Ideal for quick boiling and intense heat. 

  • Continuous Cast-Iron Grates: Ensures even heating and stability for pots. 

  • EasyClean® Stainless Steel Cooktop: Simplifies cleanup after cooking. 

  • Auto Reignition for safety: Automatically reignites to prevent gas leaks and maintains cooking continuity. 

Best Mid-Range Cooktops (CA$1000 to CA$1500) 

 Mid-range cooktops offer an appealing blend of enhanced features and reliable performance for those with a bit more flexibility in their budget. Here are cooktops that perfectly balance advanced technology and durability without stretching your finances too thin. 

  • Melt Setting for delicate foods. 

  • Power Boil Dual-Ring Element for different pan sizes. 

  • Warming Zone to keep food warm. 

  • Elegant design with a scratch-free, easy-to-clean surface. 

  • Overflow Protection System that shuts off power in case of spills.

  • Assisted pan frying with alerts when oil reached the right temperature. 

  • Maintains food temperature for serving readiness. 

  • Compatible cutout for easy installation in standard electric cooktop spaces. 

  • Control lock mode to prevent unintended use and simplify cleaning

  • Exclusive Electric Cooktop with Reversible Grill and Griddle. 

  • 12/9-inch Dual-Choice Element for versatile cooking

  • Precise Temperature Control for better cooking results. 

  • Ceramic Glass Surface for easy cleaning. 

  • Digital Display has various functions, including a timer and acoustic buzzer. 

  • Trademark FullLight Radiant Heating Elements for even cooking

Best High-End Cooktops (Over CA$1500)

High-end cooktops are the epitome of culinary luxury. These models go beyond basic functionality, offering advanced technology, superior materials, and exquisite designs that cater to serious home chefs and culinary enthusiasts. Here are cooktops that blend top-tier performance and premium features: 

  • PreciseSelect® Premium controls for intuitive usability. 

  • Smooth Ceramic Glass surface for easy cleaning. 

  • ChildLock feature for safety. 

  • Precision Temperature Control for exact heat settings. 

  • Built-in WiFi for remote monitoring and control.        

  • Guided Cooking with smart pan compatibility (pan sold separately)

  • Power Boil on Tri and Dual Ring Elements for versatile cooking. 

  • Glide Touch Controls for precise heat control. 

  • Synchronized Elements for larger cooking surfaces

  • Modular Design Freedom for tailored kitchen setups. 

  • Centralized Touchscreen Control for all cook zones. 

  • Superior Efficiency with SmartZone for flexible cooking areas. 

  • SimmerSear Brass Burners for precision cooking. 

  • Illumina Knobs and Auto-Connected Hood for smart functionality. 

  • Luxurious Finishes in exclusive Graphite and Silver Stainless Steel

  • Powerful 22,000 BTU Burners & Precise Simmer Burner. 

  • Integrated Cooktop Options for custom configuration. 

  • Fully Customizable design, including color and trim options. 

Final Thoughts 

 Choosing the right cooktop is an investment in your kitchen's functionality and culinary enjoyment. Remember, whether you're on a tight budget or ready to splurge on a high-end model, there's a cooktop that meets your cooking needs and kitchen style. Explore the recommended cooktop models to find the one that perfectly suits your kitchen and cooking style. And remember, Coast Appliances offers a wide range of these cooktops, providing numerous options to tailor your kitchen to your needs. 

Best Cooktops for Every Budget FAQs      


What are the top-rated cooktops? 

The top-rated cooktops typically combine exceptional performance, durability, and user-friendly features. Brands like Bosch, GE, and Samsung are often praised for their range of high-quality gas, electric, and induction models that cater to a variety of cooking styles and preferences. 


How do I choose the right size cooktop for my kitchen? 

Measure your available space and consider the burners you'll need based on your cooking habits and family size. Ensure the cooktop fits your kitchen layout while providing enough cooking area for your typical use. 


Are there energy-efficient cooktop options? 

Many brands offer energy-efficient induction cooktop options known for their efficiency and minimal heat waste. Electric cooktops with Energy Star ratings also offer enhanced energy efficiency compared to standard models. 


What is the least expensive type of cooktop? 

Electric coil models are generally the least expensive cooktops. These models are known for their simple design and affordability, offering basic functionality at a lower cost than gas and induction models. 


What are the safety features to look for in a cooktop? 

To prevent gas leaks, gas cooktops can be equipped with automatic shut-off mechanisms, child lock functions, hot surface warning indicators, and flame failure devices. These features enhance overall safety, especially in households with children or elderly family members. 


What is the most reliable cooktop you can buy? 

Cooktops from established brands such as Bosch, GE, and Whirlpool consistently receive high marks for their long-lasting performance and minimal need for repairs. 


What is the most scratch-resistant cooktop? 

Induction cooktops from brands like Bosch and GE are popular for their durability and resistance to scratches and other wear.