Best Freezers for 2024

Selecting a new freezer can be overwhelming, especially with so many different models available on the market today. It can feel next to impossible to know which type of freezer you need, or even how much a freezer costs, once you start getting into all the different available features. That’s where our Best Freezers for 2024 comes in.

In this freezers review, we’ll talk about:

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List of the Top 6 Overall Freezers

Here’s a quick look at our top 6 overall freezers:

Key Features: 

  • Type: Upright freezer
  • Convertible Design: Temperature controls allow you to switch this freezer to a refrigerator and back again when needed.
  • Frost-Free: Prevent frost build up with a unique frost free design.
  • External Temperature Display: See the settings on your freezer without having to open the door.

Our Review:

The Danby - 14 cu. Ft Upright Freezer is an affordable, relatively basic freezer option that can also function as a refrigerator, but it’s an either/or situation. The interior offers some compartmentalization for food organization, and its all-white design makes it easy to spot what needs to be cleaned.

Key Features:

  • Type: Upright freezer
  • Power Outage Protection: An ultra tight seal keeps food at temperature for more than 48 hours in the event of a power outage, if the door stays closed.
  • EvenTemp Cooling: Forget freezer burn with variable speed compressor technology that adjusts to even the smallest fluctuations in temperature throughout the entire freezer.
  • Smudge-Resistant Interior: Gorgeous interior design is also smudge resistant to keep the inside of your freezer looking cleaner for longer.

Our Review:

The Frigidaire Professional - 18.9 cu. Ft Upright Freezer is a perfect choice for restaurants and businesses, or in high end homes where excellent freezing capabilities are needed and superior aesthetics are desired. This model’s features are where it shines, and this freezer easily outperforms some of the other more expensive models on this list.

Key Features:

  • Type: Built-in freezer
  • Auto Door Open: The freezer door is auto assisted, so just a slight push or pull will trigger the door to open or close on its own.
  • Freedom® Hinge: Get a truly flush look with your cabinetry.
  • Stainless Steel Inner Liner: The inside of the freezer is full stainless steel for maximum cleanability.

Our Review:

The Thermador - 15.8 cu. Ft Built-In Freezer is pricey, but worth it, especially for medium to large restaurants, medical facilities, or other businesses that require high quality freezer storage with extra precise temperature controls. The freezer layout is relatively basic and the capacity on the smaller side, but its performance easily makes up for anything lacking.

Key Features:

  • Type: Upright freezer
  • Customizable Temperature Control: Convenient controls make it easy to adjust the freezer’s temperature.
  • Temperature Alarm: Get notified when the freezer’s temperature is too warm so your food doesn’t spoil.
  • Frost-Free: Never worry about manually defrosting your deep freezer again.

Our Review:

The Whirlpool - 17.7 cu. Ft Upright Freezer is a good quality, no frills freezer with everything you need to keep items cold and fresh. Smart compartmentalization makes use of every corner of the freezer, from places for frozen pizza, to multiple cubbies and baskets. It’s not the cheapest model freezer, but is still quite affordable and should last for years.

Key Features:

  • Type: Upright freezer
  • SpaceMax Technology With High Urethane Insulation: Ultra-thin walls maximize interior space in this freezer despite its slim design.
  • All-Around Cooling: Cooling technology designed to reach every corner of the freezer so you can pack it full.
  • Bespoke Design: Customize the panel for an aesthetically pleasing bespoke look.

Our Review:

The Samsung - 11.4 cu. Ft Upright Freezer is perfect for apartments and extra small spaces where freezer storage is needed. Slim and futuristic, despite its size, this freezer has a surprising amount of interior space and clever organizational design.

Key Features:

  • Type: Upright freezer
  • Interior LED Lighting: Bright LED lights make identifying items easy.
  • FastFreeze: Drop the temperature for 24 hours to lock in freshness and flavor of food items.
  • Reversible Door: Open the door from the left or right so you can place the freezer where you want in your space.

Our Review: The Maytag - 20 cu. Ft Upright Freezer has the largest cubic footage on our list and offers a no-fuss design at an extremely affordable cost. A good option for both personal and professional use.

Best Freezers by Type

Best Budget Freezer

Maytag MZF34X20DW

The best budget freezer isn’t necessarily just the cheapest freezer available. It’s the freezer with the best possible balance between features and cost, so you’re getting the most for your money within the budget you have to spend.

Best Chest Freezers

Danby DCF050B1WM

The best chest freezer is one that has a good seal and that you can open easily and reach all areas of the freezer. The top rated chest freezers are most often frost-free chest freezers. How much you’ll pay for a frostless chest freezer depends on the freezer size, its overall design, and if any special features are included. If you’re looking for a chest freezer under $200, you can easily find one by just looking at basic models.

Best Upright Freezer

Frigidaire Professional FPFU19F8WF

What is the best upright freezer to buy? It depends on what you need and what you’ll be using the freezer for. A medium-size upright freezer might be a good option for a family or small restaurant. However, a larger model may be more suitable for busy restaurants or industrial food manufacturing establishments.

Best Large Capacity Freezer

Maytag MZF34X20DW

The best large capacity freezer is one that utilizes more vertical space than it does horizontal space. As easy as it is to bend down and get items out of a waist-high chest freezer, the fact that it’s wider than it is tall means it takes up more square footage than it needs to for the same freezer capacity. To maximize storage space, look for a large capacity freezer that is taller than it is wide.

Best Deep Freezer

Whirlpool WSZ57L18DM

The best deep freezer offers an optimal combination of space, usability, features, and cost. It should be frost-free or easy to defrost and require minimal maintenance for excellent freezing capabilities. It offers a good balance between cubic footage and storage layout, so it’s easy to keep everything organized.

Best Standing Freezer

Thermador T30IF905SP

The best standing freezer is honestly the one that fits your space. Often, restaurants, home designers, and homeowners have a limited amount of space they can dedicate to a freezer. Standing freezers make the most use of vertical space while minimizing the amount of floor space they take up. Take measurements of the area you have available before selecting the best standing freezer for your setup. Look for a freezer with a good organizational design and plenty of compartments.

Best Small or Compact Freezer

Samsung RZ11T7474AP

The best compact freezer is a standing model, again using as much vertical space as possible. It’s ideal for a small apartment or a restaurant kitchen where freezer capabilities are needed and floor space is extremely limited. When looking for the best small freezer, worry less about the total cubic footage and more about the features you’ll be getting and the way the interior compartments are designed.

Best High-End Freezer

Thermador T30IF905SP

The best high-end freezer offers a luxury food storage experience with optimal features and aesthetic design. It may not necessarily be the largest freezer available, but it will often have bells and whistles that other freezers don’t have.

Best Built In Freezer

Thermador T30IF905SP

The best built in freezer is panel ready and offers the ability to install the freezer flush with cabinetry for a seamless design. The cabinet depth may be more limited in these models, so look for options with plenty of storage compartments and a great layout for different types of items.

Best Long Term Storage Freezer

Danby DUF140E1WDD

The best long term storage freezer is one that has a wide variety of features and temperature controls to keep food fresh. Look for features like open door alarms that let you know when the freezer door is ajar or the temperature drops below what you’ve programmed to prevent the spoilage of food in your deep freezer.

Best Freezer for Meat Storage

Maytag MZF34X20DW

The best freezer for meat storage is easy to clean and has temperature sensors that let you know if the meat starts to get too warm. Ideally, the freezer is frost-free and provides ultra-cold storage to keep meat fresh for long periods of time.

What to Consider When Buying a Freezer

When selecting a freezer, remember that the best freezer is the one that actually meets your needs. Cost and design aren’t always the end-all, be-all in terms of what’s “best.” Rather, if it has the features you need, it’s going to be a great freezer. Here’s what to consider when buying a freezer:

  • Freezer Brand: There isn’t one best freezer brand on the market; there are, however, many excellent products that offer different features for different needs.
  • Type of Freezer: Choose a freezer suited to what you’ll be storing, such as raw meat or prepared foods. For example, frost free chest freezers are good for storing meat while standing freezers can accommodate a greater variety of items.
  • Freezer Size: Opt for a standing freezer that optimizes vertical space and minimizes the amount of floor space used.
  • Freezer Cost: Determine your budget and look for highly rated models within that price range. There are numerous types of freezers with varying costs and you’re sure to find something affordable with some or all of the features you need.
  • Your Future Needs: Consider what you’ll be using the freezer for in 5, 10, or even 15 years. The freezer should last that long, so make sure you’re buying a model that meets your needs now and will in the future.

To learn more, check out our complete guide on how to choose a freezer.

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Best Freezer FAQs

What is the difference between an upright freezer and a chest freezer?

A chest freezer is typically wider than it is tall and longer than it is wide. It’s waist high and requires bending down to access items in the freezer. An upright freezer functions much like a standing refrigerator with similar compartmentalization and storage.


What size freezer is right for me?

Small, frost-free freezers are great for dorm rooms, dens and entertainment rooms, and garages. A medium-size upright freezer might be better for a family home or even a small, private medical facility like a doctor’s office.


What is the difference between a self-defrost, frost-free and manual defrost freezers?

A self defrost or frost free freezer will automatically cycle itself on and off to melt ice that has collected on the items inside. A manual freezer requires you to turn the freezer off yourself for a period of time and then turn the freezer back on once the ice has melted a sufficient amount.


What's the difference between a garage ready freezer and a regular freezer?

Regular freezers are average-sized and can handle the needs of a medium household or small restaurant where the indoor climate is relatively controlled. A garage ready freezer or large freezer chest is able to handle greater fluctuations in temperatures, from 0 degrees to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.


How can I tell if the temperature rose too high on my freezer?

In older models of deep freezers, the only way to tell if the temperature was too high is by touch or food spoilage. If food felt warm or went bad, the temperature in your freezer needed to be adjusted. Now, improved freezer models offer temperature and door-ajar alarms to let you know what adjustments to make before food spoilage occurs.


What is the most energy efficient freezer?

As the climate crisis continues to become of concern for many people, brands are looking to invest in more energy efficient freezers. There’s no one freezer that tops out all others consistently in terms of energy efficiency, but manufacturers are offering better and more efficient models every year. Look for the type of freezer you need and select the one with the best ENERGY STAR® rating.


What is a coffin freezer?

A coffin freezer is a chest-like freezer that sits about waist high and is long and wide enough to display products in an aesthetically pleasing way. They may be quite shallow and may or may not include clear doors on the top that can be lifted to access the items inside.

How long does a freezer typically last and how reliable are they?

Generally, the life expectancy of a quality freezer will be around 15 years if properly maintained. You may get as few as 5-10 years out of a cheap freezer that’s poorly cared for, or as many as 20 years out of a high-end freezer that has been kept up.


How much is a freezer going to cost me?

The price of a freezer depends on how large the unit is, its features, whether it’s a built in or freestanding model, and its aesthetic design. A small waist-high chest freezer can cost as little as $200, while a built-in panel ready standing freezer could cost as much as $10,000.


The information on this article is not a promise of service. While we present the most accurate information we can, customers must check each brand and model for the manufacturers' information. Each model has their individual care and maintenance guidelines, normal expected use and lifespan with proper maintenance and care. Customers are responsible for checking information for their appliance, the user manual, manufacturer guidelines as well as using professional services.