Best Ranges Your Money Can Buy

Your old range has seen better days. The burners are moody, the oven's a gamble, and let's not even talk about the cleaning hassles. It's time for an upgrade, and not just any will do. You're in search of a kitchen companion that's reliable, efficient, and a joy to use. Welcome to our handpicked list of the best ranges for all budgets - where quality meets practicality without breaking the bank. 


Factors to Consider When Buying a Budget Range 


Choosing the right kitchen range isn't just about picking a model but finding your kitchen's new best feature. Let's explore the key factors that make a range more than just an appliance but a perfect fit for your culinary adventures. 


  1. Cooktop Performance: Look for a range with a cooktop that suits your cooking style, whether high-heat searing or gentle simmering. Quick, even heating can turn cooking from a chore into a charm. 

  1. Oven Capacity and Features: Space matters when it's Thanksgiving, or you're baking for a bake sale. Opt for an oven that's spacious and comes with handy features like convection cooking or self-cleaning. 

  1. Fuel Type: Gas, electric, or dual fuel? Your choice can impact cooking precision and energy efficiency. Think about what you have access to and what you enjoy using. 

  1. Energy Efficiency: A range that saves energy saves money. Look for energy-efficient models to keep your utility bills in check and your eco-conscious mind at ease. 

  1. Ease of Cleaning: Life's too short for hard-to-clean appliances. Choose a range with smooth surfaces and fewer crevices to make cleaning less difficult. 

  1. Reliability and Durability: A good range is a long-term kitchen partner. Seek out models known for their durability and backed by solid warranties. 

  1. Design and Aesthetics: Your range should look as good as it cooks. Find a style that complements your kitchen's personality, from classic to contemporary. 

  1. Price: Last but not least, consider your budget. A great range doesn't have to cost a fortune, but remember, investing in quality can save you from future frustrations. 


Which Range Your Budget Can Buy? 

Finding the perfect range doesn't mean emptying your savings. In this guide, we'll walk you through smart picks that match your budget, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. Whether you're a home chef on a shoestring budget or ready to splurge on a culinary masterpiece, we've got you covered.

Best Affordable Ranges (Under CA$1000) 


In this price range, you need to go electric and be aware that while getting a reliable appliance the design features or new functionalities might be missing. 


  • Dual-element bake: Baking has never been so easy, utilizing both the boiling and the lower baking element, allowing you to achieve great baking results. 

  • Glass-ceramic cooktop: A feature usually available in higher priced models, makes this one an easy choice when design and technology are on your must-have list. The smooth and seamless cooktop surface makes cleaning quick and easy. 

  • Quick clean storage drawer: The frameless design allows this handy storage drawer to roll out completely without any obstruction. Whether you mop, sweep, or vacuum, every inch of your floor comes completely clean. 


  • All the power you need: 6,150W cooktop, 2,000W bake element, and 2,400W broil element provide plenty of power to cook everything from delicate sauces to sturdy cuts of meat. 

  • Sensi-Temp coils: Deliver accurate, even, and consistent heat to cook your dishes to perfection. 

  • 2.9 cu. ft. of oven capacity: Paired with two oven racks make it easy to cook multiple dishes at once.  

  • Lift-up cooktop: Allows you to easily clean spills that fall beneath the burners for quick and efficient cleaning.



  • Space Saving: Compact solution for small space living, 24 free standing electric range with a large 2.5 cu. ft. oven capacity. 

  • Coil Temperature Limiting Elements: 1 x 7.5 inch (2,100W) for quick boiling and 3 x 6 inch (1,250W) coil elements Metal/Glass door with XL window. 

  • Powerful Even Baking: Six pass hidden bake (2,000W) and broil (2,200W) elements for maximum baking power. 


  • Dual-Element Bake: Baking has never been so easy, our Dual-Bake Element utilizes both the broiling and the lower baking element, allowing you to achieve great baking results. 

  • Quick Clean Storage Drawer: The frameless design allows this handy storage drawer to roll out completely without any obstruction. Whether you mop, sweep, or vacuum, every inch of your floor comes completely clean. 

  • Glass-Ceramic Cooktop: A smooth and seamless cooktop surface makes cleaning quick and easy. 


  • Hidden Bake Element: Bake element has been engineered into the bottom of the range to facilitate easy cleaning. 

  • Lift-Up Porcelain Cook Top And Burner Bowls: Durable white cook top is easy to clean and lifts up with a built-in prop rod. 

  • Fast Heating Elements: Features 2 large elements (8" 2100W) with 5 spirals and 2 small elements (6" 1250W) with 4 spirals.

Best Mid-Price Ranges (CA$1000 to CA$1500) 


  • Versatile Cooktop: Multiple burners offer up to 15,000 BTUs for simultaneous cooking. 

  • Bake Assist Temps: Simplify baking with preset temperature settings. 

  • Temp Assure Cooking System: Ensures even heat distribution for consistent cooking results. 

  • Extra-Large Oven Window: Keep an eye on your dishes without opening the oven door. 


  • Built-In Air Fry: Enjoy healthier, crispy dishes with minimal oil. 

  • Evenjet Convection: LG's fan convection system delivers the ideal temperature and airflow for fast preheating and precise cooking. 

  • SMARTTHINQ: Control key features from anywhere or use Google Home and Amazon Echo. 


  • 5-in-1 Oven: Cook however you want with 5 cooking modes in 1 oven: Air Fry, Convect Bake, Broil, Frozen Bake and Bake cycles. This range gives you the flexibility to cook a variety of dishes by combining multiple cooking modes into one oven. 

  • Air Fry Mode: Skip preheating and air fry chicken nuggets, wings, fries and more to get crispy results right in your oven. The Air Fry Mode circulates hot air around the air fry basket to cook fried food in a healthy way with less oil than traditional frying. 

  • Two Flexheat Dual Radiant Elements: Get two elements in one with two FlexHeat Dual Radiant Elements. Each element features an inner ring, 6" or 9", that?s great for smaller pots and pans and a larger outer ring, 9" or 12", that makes room for larger cookware. 


  • Flexible Five Element Cooktop: With five elements, this cooktop is designed to handle all of your cooking needs, including our powerful 3,200 Watt EvenTemp element, a Dual Expandable Element and a convenient Warm Zone. 

  • Fast Steam Cleaning Option: A light, 30-minute oven cleaning that's chemical-free, odor-free and fast 

  • Spacewise® Dual Expandable Element: Our convenient 2-in-1 element expands from 6" for smaller pots to 9" for larger cookware, providing more cooktop flexibility. 



  • Power Burner: Ranging from 15,000 to 18,000 BTUs, Power burners allow for a slow, even sauté and the intense heat for a seared, juicy steak. 

  • Precision Cooking System: The Precision Cooking system combines Precise Preheat, Precise Bake and Precise Broil functions to deliver quick, evenly cooked meals in your oven. 

  • Variable Broil: Variable broil brings the best results out of broiling with just the right temperatures for quick-cooking tasty meals. 

Best High-End Ranges (Over CA$1500) 


  • Steam Rack: Introduces additional moisture, enhancing the flavor and texture of your meals. 

  • 5 Cooking Elements: A triple cooking zone and a dedicated warming zone for diverse cooking needs are included. 

  • EasyConvect Conversion System: Automatically adjusts conventional cooking settings to convection, simplifying your gourmet adventures. 

  • AquaLift® Self-Cleaning: A gentle and odorless cleaning system that works in under an hour. 


  • Flexible Five-Burner Cooktop: Includes a powerful 18,000-BTU burner and a versatile 12,000-BTU oval burner. 

  • Effortless Temperature Probe: Automatically switches to keep warm after reaching the desired temperature. 

  • ReadyCook Air Fry Tray: Achieves perfect air frying results faster and easier. 

  • Quick Boil Burner: Speeds up cooking with an 18,000 BTU burner. 


  • Flex Duo with Dual Door: Offers independent or combined upper and lower cooking zones for flexibility. 

  • Intelligent User Experience Control: A simplified control panel that remembers your cooking habits and provides easy troubleshooting. 

  • 4.2kW UltraExpress Boil Induction Cooktop: Fast and precise cooking with an intuitive visual heat control. 

  • Voice Control: Hands-free control using your favorite voice assistant. 

  • Gliding Rack: Makes accessing hot dishes safer and more accessible. 


  • Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning: Automatically cleans the oven at high temperatures, leaving minimal residue. 

  • Genuine European Convection: Ensures even baking across multiple racks. 

  • Bosch Cooling Fan: Keeps external surfaces at safe temperatures and reduces hot air flow when the door is opened. 

  • Sleek Slide-In Design: Fits seamlessly into your kitchen for a modern, built-in look. 


  • Dual Fuel Range: Offers the best of both worlds, combining gas cooktop precision with the consistency of an electric oven. 

  • High-Power Burners: Includes two 20,000 BTU Ultra Power and three 15,000 dual-flame burners for versatile cooking - from searing to simmering. 

  • EasyConvect Conversion System: Automatically adjusts standard baking settings to convection, making it easier to achieve superb results. 

  • Smart Appliance: Control your oven remotely using voice commands or the KitchenAid App. 

  • SatinGlide Roll-Out Extension Rack: Provides easy handling of large and heavy cookware, ensuring smooth and safe oven loading. 



Don't just imagine the perfect meal; create it. Choose a range that resonates with your cooking style and kitchen aesthetics. Whether it's the precision of dual fuel, the convenience of smart features, or the power of high BTU burners, Coast Appliances is here to help you find the perfect range that fits your kitchen and lifestyle. Act now and discover the joy of cooking with a world-class range!  




Can I switch from a gas range to an electric range without remodeling my kitchen? 

 You can switch from a gas to an electric range without significant remodeling. However, ensure your kitchen's electrical system can handle the range. 


How do dual fuel ranges differ from standard gas or electric ranges? 

Dual fuel ranges combine a gas cooktop for precise, instant heat control with an electric oven for even baking and roasting, offering the best of both worlds. 

Is convection cooking better than traditional baking? 

Convection cooking is generally more efficient as it circulates hot air around the food, cooking it evenly and often faster than traditional baking. 


Is it worth investing in a range with a self-cleaning oven? 

Especially if you bake often, self-cleaning ovens use high temperatures to burn off leftover food and grease, saving you time and effort in oven maintenance.