Best Washers for 2024: Top Rated Washing Machines Reviews

When it comes to choosing the best washing machine for your home, there are many factors to consider. But with so many types and brands available, it can be overwhelming to figure out which is right for you. 

To help you decide, we’ve put together a guide on what to look for when shopping for a new washing machine in 2024. 

In this article, we’ll cover: 

  • Types and Styles of Washers
  • How to Measure a Washer 
  • Best Washers By Category 
  • What Are the Top Washing Machine Brands? 
  • Which Washer is Best for Me? 
  • Washing Machine FAQs 

Types and Styles of Washers 

There are three main types of washers – front loaders, top loaders, and compact washers.  

Front load washers offer efficient cleaning performance but require more bending over due to their lower height. 

Top loaders are great if you don’t want to bend down as much, but they may not have the cleaning performance that front-loaders do. 

Compact washers are ideal if space is an issue or if you only need a small-capacity machine that can handle light loads quickly and efficiently. 

Front Load Washers 

Front load washers are efficient in cleaning performance, but some people don’t like them because you need to bend over to load and unload them. They provide an efficient way to wash clothes using less water than traditional top-loaders. 

Browse our selection of top-rated front loader washing machines today. 

Front load pros: 

  • Typically large capacity, allowing you to wash more clothes in fewer loads 
  • Save on utility costs, not to mention wear and tear on your clothes 
  • Can be stacked with a dryer if needed for a sleek look and additional space savings in smaller homes or apartments 
  • Many models come equipped with advanced features like steam cleaning technology that helps remove tough stains without pre-treating them first 

Front load cons: 

  • The door opens at the front, so you’ll have to bend down when loading or unloading your laundry 
  • Can be more expensive 
  • May need more maintenance 
  • Can’t add clothes mid-cycle 

Top Load Washers 

Top-loaders are great if you don’t want to bend down as much, but they don’t offer the same cleaning performance as some front loaders. Many models now feature high-efficiency ratings.  

Browse our selection of top-rated top loader washing machines today. 

Top load pros: 

  • Large capacity 
  • Generally cheaper 
  • Don’t need to bend down to load 

Top load cons: 

  • Can be hard to reach the bottom 
  • Might not clean as well 
  • Smaller capacity if there’s an agitator 
  • Agitator can be hard on fabrics 

Compact Washers 


Compact washers are ideal if space is an issue or if you only need a small-capacity machine that can handle light loads quickly and efficiently. Compact washer-dryer combos are great options for anyone living in apartments or with limited space in their home. 

These units take up very little floor area yet still provide plenty of power and performance when doing laundry. 

It’s important to check the measurements before purchasing one, especially if you plan on stacking it with a dryer. 

Browse our selection of top-rated compact washing machines today. 

Compact washer pros: 

  • Some are portable for added convenience 
  • Washer/dryer combos can be ideal if space is a concern 
  • Might be able to save energy and water 

Compact washer cons: 

  • Despite saving space, might not be a great option for large households or needs 
  • Small capacity 
  • Need ample height-space if stacking 

How to Measure a Washer 

Before purchasing any type of washing machine, measure the area where it will go to ensure that it fits properly once delivered or installed into your home. 

Also take note of other measurements such as doorways or hallways that may affect delivery access before making your purchase decision. To measure for your new washer: 

  • Measure how high any overhead countertop, shelf, or cabinet is from the floor. 
  • Next, measure the width and add a 1-inch margin on each side of the laundry appliance for proper airflow. Note, a washer and dryer should be separated by 3 inches – 1 inch on both sides and 1 inch in the middle. 
  • Then, to get the vent and water hookups, measure depth and add six inches. 
  • To figure out how much space you have for the washer and dryer, subtract the additional 3 inches from your height, width, and depth measurements. 

Check out our Washing Machine Sizes & Dimensions article for more info on measuring washers. 

Best Washers by Category 

The best washer depends on your specific needs and desires. Below we list our top picks from a range of categories.  

Most Reliable Washer

Whirlpool - WFW6605MC

The name is synonymous with reliability. Consistently a top-rated and reviewed line of washers, our pick for most reliable washer of 2024 is the Whirlpool 5.8 cu Front Load Washer. You won’t be disappointed with this one.  

Longest-Lasting Washer

LG - WM4500HBA

LG is known as a brand that lasts. The LG - 5.8 cu. Ft Front Load Washer in Black Stainless - WM4500HBA is 5-star rated and more than 95% of customers recommend it.  

Most Energy-Efficient Washer

LG - WM3600HWA

Energy-efficient appliances are always in high demand. LG - 5.2 cu. Ft Front Load Washer in White - WM3600HWA is energy-efficient and has top-of-the-line AI technology. 

Best Compact Washer

Electrolux - ELFW4222AW

If saving space is at the top of your list, the Electrolux - 2.4 cu. Ft Compact Washer in White - ELFW4222AW is the must-have compact washer on the market today. With an elegant design and Energy Star certification, you won’t even miss the extra space of a full-sized washer.  

Best Family Washer

Samsung - WF53BB8700ATUS

The Samsung - Bespoke 6.1 cu. Ft Front Load Washer in Stainless - WF53BB8700ATUS is unparalleled in capacity and design. And the Super Speed 2.0 technology means you can do twice the laundry in a fraction of the time – complete a full load in just 28 minutes! 

What Are the Top Washing Machine Brands? 

Some popular brands include LG, Maytag, Samsung, Whirlpool, Bosch, and GE. Each brand offers different features depending on the model, so be sure to research thoroughly before deciding which is right for you based on the price point and features. 

Ultimately, the best washing machine choice depends on personal preference, budget constraints, and size requirements needed to fit into existing laundry room space limitations at home. 


Whirlpool is a trusted brand for appliances in every room of your house, but their washers almost make laundry fun. They have fast spin speeds yet are gentle on clothes – you won’t go wrong with a Whirlpool washer. Check out some of our favorites:


With beautiful design and all the latest features and technology, Samsung is one of the best washing machines out there. Consistently ranked high in customer satisfaction, Samsung washers were recently named among the top reliable brands. We love the following Samsung washers: 

Maytag Canada 

Maytag Canada makes washers built to last and that can clean clothes quickly. Available in a variety of sizes and with powerful features, you’ll love your new Maytag washer. Our favorites in 2024 are: 

Which Washer is Best for Me? 

The right washer depends on multiple things, including capacity needs, how much space you have, how much laundry you do, budget, and more. Choosing the perfect washer is simple, as long as you think about the following.  


Space is always a big deal when it comes to appliances. In addition to the physical space where your new appliance will live in your house, you need to decide if you’ll stack your washer and dryer or have them side-by-side. Think about height in addition to width. You should also consider getting the washer to its location in the house. Stairs, tight corners, and narrow hallways can all be factors.    


How much laundry do you need to be doing regularly? How big is your family? How often do you do laundry? Keeping these things in mind will ensure you choose a washer that’s the right size for your needs.   

Other Washer Features 

Do you love features and technology in your appliances? Or are you more concerned with affordability and efficiency? Think about the smart features you do (or don’t!) want and other added features that are important to you before you start shopping. This will help you narrow your choices and make the selection process easier.  

Browse our full selection of washers to get started today! 

Washing Machine FAQs 

What brand of washing machine is the most reliable? 

When it comes to reliable washing machines, several brands stand out. LG, Bosch, Samsung, and Whirlpool have proven track records in providing durable, dependable appliances, so you can be sure whichever brand you choose will last for many years. 

What is the best longest lasting washing machine? 

There are many long-lasting washers on the market today. You can expect your washer to last an average of 6-10 years, and top-loaders typically last longer. Brands known for longevity include GE, Whirlpool, LG, and Samsung.  

Which is the best washing machine to use? 

When it comes to top rated washing machines, there are a variety of models on the market. If you’re looking for the best washing machine in 2024, consider features like energy-efficiency, size and capacity, water consumption, and noise levels. 

Which washing brand is the best? 

Truth be told, there really is no single best washer brand out there. The best washing machine brand for you is the one that checks all the boxes in terms of capacity, features, and efficiency.  

What is the highest rated top loading washing machine? 

There are multiple great top loading washing machines available. Some of our favorites are LG, Whirlpool, and Maytag brands.  

Which washing machine is most energy-efficient? 

Most brands today now offer energy-efficient appliances, and LG has a great line of energy-efficient washers.  

How to measure a washing machine?  

Measuring a washer machine is simple when you know how. Check out How to Measure a Washing Machine to learn more.  

The information on this article is not a promise of service. While we present the most accurate information we can, customers must check each brand and model for the manufacturers' information. Each model has their individual care and maintenance guidelines, normal expected use and lifespan with proper maintenance and care. Customers are responsible for checking information for their appliance, the user manual, manufacturer guidelines as well as using professional services.