How to Choose the Right Induction Range for Your Home


With such a wide selection of electric and induction ranges to choose from, there's never been a better time for homeowners to invest in a stove. Induction ranges are a fast, safe, and effective option that makes cooking at home a breeze. We'll break down what you should focus on when choosing the best induction range for you in 2024.

In this article, we’ll cover:

Electric Range vs Induction Range

While electric and induction ranges both use electricity to create heat, there are key differences between each type of stove. When you compare induction range vs electric, you'll find that one major difference is how both types of ranges use heat.

Electric ranges use metal coils to transfer heat to the surface of the range. In contrast, induction ranges use electromagnets that can transfer heat directly to pots and pans.

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What is an Induction Electric Range?

Induction ranges are a type of electric range that produces heat through electromagnetic radiation. The range is able to transfer heat directly to the pot or pan that's being cooked with. Since the space between the range and the pan doesn't get hot, there's no residual heat when the range is turned off.

These ranges provide heat instantly and offer precise control over cooking temperature. An induction range is also highly efficient, with approximately 90% of the electricity the cooktop produces being used to heat food.

Benefits of Induction Ranges

Induction ranges are one of the best ways to cook food at home. There are many benefits to cooking with induction heat, including:


  • Easy cleaning
  • Fast cooking times
  • Safer than gas and electric cooktops
  • Lower energy costs
  • Precise control over temperature
  • Even and consistent cooking

Drawbacks of Induction Ranges

It's important to consider induction range pros and cons before making an investment. Some of the drawbacks to using an induction range include:


  • More expensive than electric ranges
  • Can only be used with cookware that's induction-compatible
  • The surface of the range is easy to scratch

What Size Induction Range Should You Buy?

Induction ranges are available in many sizes, allowing you to find the perfect sized stove that's just right for your kitchen space. While the majority of ranges are between 4 and 6 cubic feet, there are also larger and smaller ones available.


When measuring for your new range, you should begin by measuring from the floor to the space where your cooktop will be. Since floors can warp, be sure you take multiple measurements for accuracy. When measuring the width and depth of the space, add approximately 1/4 inch to your measurement to ensure that you'll be able to slide your range in easily.

Other Features to Consider

The right features can make it easier to use and maintain an induction range. Keep an eye out for features like:


  • Smart controls
  • Timer settings
  • Preset cooking menus
  • Auto shut-off
  • Automatic pan detection
  • Self-cleaning
  • Food warming
  • Air fry settings
  • Multiple cooking zones

What are 2024’s Top Induction Range Brands?

Coast Appliances offers an impressive selection of products from some of the best induction range Canada brands on the market. When browsing our selection, you'll find excellent options at every price point.

Frigidaire Gallery - 5.4 cu. ft Induction Range in Stainless - CGIH3047VF - Budget

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This stainless steel induction range includes a wide assortment of time-saving features, like true convection cooking. It also has an air fry setting, allowing you to fry foods without using oil.

Samsung - 6.3 cu. ft Induction Range in Stainless - NE63T8911SS - Mid Range

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The Samsung slide-in range is designed to look like it's built into your kitchen. It's a smart stove that will keep track of your cooking habits, making it even easier for you to prepare your favorite meals.

Wolf - 6.3 cu. ft Induction Range in Stainless - IR36550/S/T - High End

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Wolf's sleek and innovative induction range offers professional-level performance. The product provides precise control and has gone through rigorous testing to ensure that the range performs perfectly, every time you use it.


Not only are induction ranges easy to work with, but they provide a level of control that other ranges can't offer. While induction cooking can be an investment, opting for an energy efficient range could save you money over time.


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Induction Range FAQs

If you're new to induction cooking, it's likely that you have quite a few questions. You can find answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions below.

Is an induction range worth it?

While induction ranges are typically more expensive than other types of ranges, they're also easier to use and clean and provide more precise temperature control. Since induction ranges are energy efficient, you might spend more up front, but can ultimately have fewer expenses over time.

Do you need special pans for induction stove?

Since induction cooktops transfer heat directly to pots and pans, they require cookware with a flat, magnetic bottom. Many popular types of cookware, such as stainless steel and cast iron, are induction compatible.

Which is better - induction or electric stove?

When you're comparing an electric stove vs induction, you'll find that induction cooktops are faster and provide more even heat. However, the low cost of an electric stove might make them more appealing to some users.

How long do induction cooktops last?

When properly cared for, it's typical for an induction range to last at least 8 to 10 years. You can protect your range by cleaning it regularly and taking precautions to protect the surface of the cooktop from scratches.