Samsung Pet Care Solution Washer and Dryer Ultimate Guide

As every pet owner knows, keeping up with the constant flurry of fur, dirt, and odors is a never-ending battle. From muddy paw prints to regurgitated hairballs, the mess seems to multiply daily. Did you know that your washer and dryer can save the day?

The Samsung Pet Care Solution Samsung - 6.1 cu. ft. Top Load Washer in Blue - WA53CG7155ADA4 and Samsung - 7.4 cu. ft. Electric Dryer in Blue - DVE54CG7155DAC duo is specifically engineered to tackle your toughest pet cleaning challenges. With specialized cycles that obliterate stubborn pet hair and odors, allergen removal capabilities, and cutting-edge steam sanitization, this laundry bundle is about to become your new best friend.

Key Features of the Samsung Pet Care Solution Washer and Dryer

Capacity and Load Types

    The washer has a large 6.1 cu. ft. capacity, ideal for handling a pet owner's big laundry loads.

    The dryer offers an equally spacious 7.4 cu. ft. capacity to efficiently dry bulky pet bedding and blankets.

Specialized Pet Care Functions

    The Pet Care Wash Cycle targets stubborn pet hair and dander trapped in fabrics.

    The Pet Care Dry Cycle helps remove 97% of unpleasant odors caused by pets.

    Steam Sanitize+ eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and kills 100% of dust mites.

Washing and Drying Cycles Optimized for Pet Owners

Samsung Pet Care Solution

Samsung - 6.1 cu. ft. Top Load Washer in Blue - WA53CG7155ADA4:

Wash Cycle Description

Pet Care

Targeted cleaning for pet hair, dander, and allergens


High-temperature sanitizing to kill bacteria


Optimized for washing bulky pet beds and blankets

Dry Cycle Description

Pet Care

Removes lingering pet odors from fabrics



Uses steam to sanitize and refresh

Air Fluff

Gentle tumbling to de-wrinkle pet bedding

Additional Features Beneficial for Pet Owners

Allergen Removal Settings: For pet owners who have allergies, the Samsung Pet Care washer and dryer offer specialized allergen removal settings. The Steam Sanitize+ cycle uses high-temperature steam to eliminate up to 95% of common pollen allergens from laundry. This deep sanitizing action, coupled with the Pet Care wash cycle's targeted cleaning, helps remove allergens like pet dander trapped deep in fabrics. By reducing exposure to these irritants, the allergen removal capabilities make it easier for allergy sufferers to coexist comfortably with their furry friends.

Design and Construction

Durability and Performance Features

The Samsung Pet Care washer and dryer are built with durability in mind to withstand the frequent, heavy-duty laundry demands of pet owners. The washer features an ActiveWave Agitator designed to minimize tangling and vibrations for quieter, smoother operation. The dryer utilizes Sensor Dry technology to automatically optimize cycles and prevent heat damage.

Pet-Specific Design Considerations

Beyond just powerful cleaning, the Samsung Pet Care lineup incorporates pet-friendly design elements. The washer's easy-access top-load design makes loading and unloading bulky pet beds more convenient. Both appliances feature WiFi connectivity and the SmartThings app for remote operation—perfect for busy pet owners constantly on the go.

Performance and Effectiveness

Pet Hair Removal Capabilities

Samsung's Pet Care solution is specially engineered to tackle the toughest pet cleanup jobs. The washer's dedicated Pet Care cycle uses specific wash motions and water temperatures to effectively capture shed fur and dander. The Pet Care Dry cycle then sanitizes loads, removing up to 97% of lingering odors from pet messes, food, and odors trapped in fabrics. Together, this dynamic duo ensures your pet's belongings come out fresh, clean, and odor-free.

Comparative Analysis with Other Models and Brands

Sold out



Sold out

Feature Samsung Pet Care Solution Maytag® Pet Pro

Washer Capacity

6.1 cu. ft.

4.7 cu. ft.

Dryer Capacity

7.4 cu. ft. (electric and gas options available)

7.0 cu. ft. (electric)

Washer Load Type

top load

top load

Dryer Type



Pet Hair Removal Feature

Pet Care Wash and Dry options

Pet Pro Filter for washer and XL Lint Trap in dryer

Steam Function (Dryer)

yes (Steam Sanitize+)

steam-enhanced options are available

Washer Agitator

ActiveWave Agitator

single-action agitator

App Compatibility    



Price Range

$1,498 for the set (subject to promotions and discounts)

$798 for the washer (discounted from $1,199)


options for extended warranty through Samsung Care+

one year limited for both parts and labor

Special Features                                  

Super Speed Wash, Smart Capabilities, Steam Sanitize+ (Dryer)

Deep Fill option, built-in water faucet, quick wash cycle

Energy Star Certified



Wrapping Up

If you're a pet owner constantly battling fur tumbleweeds and lingering odors, the Samsung Pet Care washer and dryer are worth their weight in gold. With powerful pet hair removal, odor-eliminating sanitization, and intelligent allergen settings, these machines take "ultra clean" to the next level. But the real beauty is how Samsung simplifies it all: just load, select your preferred pet-friendly cycle, and let the appliances do the heavy lifting—no more dreading wash day or avoiding snuggling up in bed with your furry friend. Samsung's Pet Care solution promises the ultimate recharge for you and your four-legged friends.


Can the Samsung Pet Care solution handle large items like dog beds?

Yes, the large 6.1 cu. ft. washer capacity and 7.4 cu. ft. dryer capacity can easily accommodate oversized pet beds and blankets.

How does the allergen removal setting work on the Samsung Pet Care Solution?

The Steam Sanitize+ cycle uses high-temperature steam to remove up to 95% of common pollen allergens from fabrics.

What maintenance is required for the pet hair filter on the Samsung Pet Care washer and dryer?

Both appliances have a removable pet hair filter that should be cleaned regularly to maintain optimal performance.

Is the Samsung Smart Care app easy to use with the washer and dryer?

Yes, the SmartThings app provides a user-friendly interface for remotely controlling cycles, receiving alerts, and receiving cycle recommendations.

How energy efficient is this appliance?

The dryer features Sensor Dry technology to optimize cycles and prevent wasted energy from over-drying loads.

What warranty does Samsung offer for these appliances?

Samsung typically provides a one-year parts and labor warranty on new appliances like these.