Whirlpool vs. LG Dryer: Full Comparison & Reviews

Time to tackle the laundry room upgrade you’ve been putting off? Let’s dive into the heart of your modern home’s most underrated hero: the dryer. Today, we’re looking at two market leaders: Whirlpool and LG. Forget the age-old battles of aesthetics or brand loyalty; here we’re unpacking everything from cutting-edge features to energy efficiency, and yes, even those little quirks you won’t find on the spec sheets. Welcome to the ultimate dryer debate, where we help you decide which contender earns the right to tackle your laundry pile.

In this article, we’ll cover:

    Whirlpool vs. LG dryer overview

    Whirlpool dryer overview

    LG dryer overview

    Whirlpool vs. LG dryer comparison table

    What’s right for you?

    Whirlpool vs. LG dryer FAQs

Whirlpool vs. LG Dryer Overview

Both Whirlpool and LG have a unique approach to tackling your laundry needs. Here’s how they stack up against each other:

    Innovation and Design: LG shines with its sleek, stylish designs and a commitment to incorporating advanced technology into its models. From the AI-driven settings in the WashTower™ to smart diagnostics, LG targets the tech-savvy consumer seeking modern conveniences. With its century-long legacy, Whirlpool combines tried-and-tested reliability with smart features, such as the 12-Hour FanFresh® Option and Nest Learning Thermostat® Integration, catering to those who value durability and energy efficiency.

    Smart Technology: Both brands offer smart dryers that allow users to download cycles, monitor progress remotely, and troubleshoot issues via their smartphones. With its focus on AI and innovative features, LG takes a slight edge when it comes to optimizing laundry results.

    Product Range and Features: Diversity in laundry care is a priority for both brands. Whether you’re dealing with delicate silks or heavy-duty towels, LG and Whirlpool have you covered with an extensive selection of cycles. This includes settings for delicate items, quick washes for when you’re short on time, heavy-duty cycles for more robust fabrics, and even sanitizing options to eliminate germs and allergens.

    Price Comparison: Whirlpool and LG cater to a wide budget range, offering options from affordable to premium models. Whirlpool dryers present a variety of choices, with prices typically ranging between $500 and $1,400. You can find standard dryers for under $800, ideal for straightforward drying. For those seeking a larger capacity or models with advanced features, prices span from $800 to $1,100, reaching up to $1,400 for their top-tier offerings.

On the other hand, LG’s lineup starts similarly, with electric clothes dryers priced at about $500 for basic models. However, LG’s emphasis on innovation and advanced technology means prices for their dryers can climb higher, with some models exceeding $1,000 and premium options reaching up to $2,639.

    Similarities: Both brands are committed to energy efficiency, offering models with Energy Star ratings. For instance, Whirlpool’s EcoBoost™ option optimizes energy use without compromising performance. LG’s EcoHybrid™ technology provides similar benefits by efficiently managing energy consumption.

Both brands also prioritize user convenience with features like downloadable cycles for tackling unique laundry challenges. Whirlpool’s ColorLast™ cycle keeps colours vibrant, and LG’s Allergiene™ cycle removes allergens from fabrics.

Both LG and Whirlpool offer ventless dryer models to accommodate users with space constraints or without external venting options. Whirlpool’s ventless choices use a heat pump or condenser technology for efficient drying without a vent, perfect for apartments or enclosed spaces. Similarly, LG’s ventless dryers, including models with the Dual Inverter Heat Pump™, provide exceptional energy efficiency and flexibility for installation.

    Differences: The main difference lies in their approach to integrating technology and design. LG opts for a more futuristic approach with its appliances, while Whirlpool focuses on classic reliability and ease of use, making its products more straightforward but equally effective.

Whirlpool Dryer Overview

Whirlpool dryers bring a blend of traditional reliability and modern innovation to the laundry room, making them a solid choice for households of all sizes. Here’s what sets them apart:

    Moisture Sensing Technology: Say goodbye to guesswork and the fear of overdried fabrics. Whirlpool dryers come equipped with moisture-sensing technology, ensuring your clothes are dried perfectly by automatically stopping the cycle when the ideal dryness level is reached. This technology is a game-changer for preserving fabric integrity and saving energy.

    Wrinkle Shield™ Option: Forget about ironing or rushed folding—the Wrinkle Shield™ feature gently tumbles clothes after the cycle ends, keeping wrinkles at bay until you’re ready to unload.

    Capacity Choices: Whether dealing with daily family laundry or bulky items like comforters, Whirlpool has you covered. Their dryers range between 5.0 and 7.0 cubic feet, offering flexibility for every laundry size. This means more room for your clothes to tumble and less time spent on multiple loads.

    Energy Efficiency: Whirlpool’s ENERGY STAR® certified models stand out, ensuring you achieve top-in-class efficiency. These dryers exceed government standards for energy efficiency, helping you save on bills and reduce your carbon footprint without skimping on performance.

    Advanced Moisture Sensing: Elevating the art of drying, Whirlpool’s advanced moisture sensing uses three sensors to track moisture and temperature, adapting the drying cycle to ensure heavy loads are dried evenly and thoroughly. This precision prevents damage from over-drying and ensures every towel, garment, and sheet emerges perfectly dry.

    Intuitive Controls: Simplicity meets sophistication with Whirlpool’s intuitive controls. These user-friendly interfaces guide you to the optimal cycle for whatever you’re drying, taking the guesswork out of laundry day.

    Wide Range of Cycles and Options: Personalize your drying with Whirlpool’s extensive selection of cycles and options. From sanitizing and quick drying to delicate cycles designed for your most sensitive fabrics, there’s a perfect setting for every load. Additional features like cycle time remaining and lint filter indicators keep you in the loop and ensure your dryer is running at its best.

    EcoBoost™ Option: Saves energy by using less heat and an extended cycle time, providing excellent drying performance while using less energy.

    Hamper Door: Provides a wide-opening door for easy loading and unloading.

LG Dryer Overview

LG dryers are at the cutting edge of laundry technology, merging sleek designs with groundbreaking features that make drying clothes less of a task and more of a tech-forward experience. Here’s a rundown of what they bring to the table:

    Dual Inverter Heat Pump™: A leap forward in dryer efficiency, the Dual Inverter Heat Pump™ significantly reduces energy consumption while delivering outstanding drying performance. This technology is a win-win, offering environmental benefits alongside lower utility bills, all without compromising on drying power.

    Steam Technology: LG dryers equipped with TrueSteam™ technology use the power of steam to eliminate odors, wrinkles, and allergens. This feature is ideal for refreshing clothes between washes and ensuring your fabrics are dry, sanitized, smooth, and ready to wear straight from the dryer.

    SmartThinQ® Technology: Welcome to the future of laundry, where your dryer is as smart as your phone. LG’s SmartThinQ® technology lets you start and monitor your laundry remotely, receive notifications when cycles are complete, and even download new and specialized cycles. This smart connectivity puts control of your laundry routine in the palm of your hand.

    Large Capacity: Space is no longer an issue with LG’s generously sized dryers, which come in capacities ranging up to 7.4 cubic feet. This means you can dry more clothes in fewer loads, saving time and energy. Bulky items like comforters and large loads of towels are easily handled, making laundry day a breeze.

    Sensor Dry System: LG dryers feature an intelligent Sensor Dry system that measures moisture levels during the cycle and automatically adjusts drying time and temperature. This precision ensures your clothes are perfectly dry every time, protecting them from heat damage and reducing wear and tear.

    EasyLoad™ Door: The convenience of LG’s EasyLoad™ door cannot be overstated. This dual-opening option allows you to load laundry from the top, minimizing bending and straining, and unload from the side, making it easier to reach every item. It’s a small innovation that makes a big difference in usability.

    Versatile Drying Cycles: From heavy-duty to delicate, LG dryers offer a wide range of drying cycles to suit any fabric or load size. Specialized settings like the Speed Dry for quick jobs and the Downloaded cycle, which allows for customization based on your unique laundry needs, ensure you have suitable options for every situation.

Whirlpool vs. LG Dryer Comparison Table

Given everything each brand brings to the table, choosing one can feel like decoding a high-tech puzzle. But beyond the sleek designs and smart tech, what truly sets these titans apart? Below is our comprehensive comparison table that lays bare the nuts and bolts of Whirlpool and LG dryers.

Feature Whirlpool LG

Design & Innovation              

Classic reliability with smart features like 12-Hour FanFresh® Option

Sleek, stylish designs with cutting-edge technology like WashTower™

Smart Technology  

Smart models with downloadable cycles and Nest integration

Advanced AI and SmartThinQ® for remote monitoring and control


Ranges from 5.0 cu. ft. to 7.0 cu. ft.

Offers up to 7.4 cu. ft., accommodating larger loads

Energy Efficiency

ENERGY STAR® certified models available

Features like EcoHybrid™ and Dual Inverter Heat Pump™ for superior efficiency

Moisture Sensing  

Advanced Moisture Sensing for precise drying 

Sensor Dry system for optimal drying and fabric care

Special Features

Wrinkle Shield™, Intuitive Controls

TrueSteam™, EasyLoad™ Door, AI Optimization

Ventless Options       

Heat pump and condenser models for space efficiency

Dual Inverter Heat Pump™ models for high efficiency in compact spaces

Price Range        

Competitive pricing with a focus on value and reliability 

Typically higher due to advanced features and innovation

Customer Reviews

Generally praised for reliability and ease of use

Highly rated for innovative features and performance

Noise Level

Known for quiet operation, enhancing user comfort

Models designed for low noise, offering a peaceful laundry experience

Whirlpool vs. LG Dryer: What’s Right for You?

Which brand carries the day? Ultimately, the choice comes down to your lifestyle, laundry habits, and personal preferences. Here are some factors you may consider:

    Technological Innovations. If your heart beats for the latest in smart home technology, LG’s advanced features, like AI optimization and SmartThinQ® technology, may sway you. While offering smart features like downloadable cycles and Nest compatibility, Whirlpool focuses on practical, user-friendly technology.

    Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact. Environmentally conscious? Both brands boast energy-efficient models. Going further, LG’s EcoHybrid™ and Dual Inverter Heat Pump™ technologies are standout features for those looking to minimize their carbon footprint and utility bills. Whirlpool’s EcoBoost™ option is perfect for those seeking a balance of efficiency and performance.

    Installation Flexibility. Space constraints or lack of external venting options? The ventless dryer models both LG and Whirlpool offer can be a game-changer. Consider LG’s compact, high-efficiency models for tight spaces or Whirlpool’s ventless options if you prefer a brand with a long-standing reputation for reliability.

    Capacity and Load Handling. Large family or frequent bulky items? LG’s larger capacity models, up to 7.4 cu. ft., offer ample space for larger loads, reducing the number of cycles you run. Whirlpool’s range is typically up to 7.0 cu. ft. and is suited for standard loads with the reliability to handle frequent use.

    Budget and Value: Budget considerations cannot be overlooked. LG’s innovative features and premium models tend to come with a higher price tag. Whirlpool, known for its competitive pricing, offers value and reliability, making it a strong contender for budget-conscious consumers looking for durable appliances.

    Ease of Use and Maintenance: The user experience encompasses everything from the intuitive design of the controls to the simplicity of regular maintenance tasks like cleaning the lint filter. LG dryers often feature a modern, user-friendly interface with touchscreen controls and smart diagnostics that simplify troubleshooting and maintenance. Whirlpool offers easy-to-navigate control panels and straightforward maintenance procedures.

    Customer Feedback and Reviews. Real-world experiences can tip the scales. LG’s innovative features often receive high praise for performance and design, while satisfied customers consistently highlight Whirlpool’s reputation for durability and ease of use.

Whirlpool vs. LG Dryer FAQs

Is a Whirlpool dryer better than LG?

The choice really depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whirlpool offers reliability and user-friendly features, while LG shines with its advanced technology and innovative designs.

Does Whirlpool make good dryers?

Yes, Whirlpool makes good dryers. They’re renowned for their reliability, efficient performance, and user-friendly features, consistently earning high marks in consumer satisfaction and industry reviews.

What is the life expectancy of an LG dryer?

An LG dryer typically lasts around 10 to 13 years. The lifespan will depend on usage patterns, maintenance practices, and model specifics.

How long do Whirlpool dryers last?

Whirlpool dryers last approximately 10 to 13 years. Their longevity may depend on frequency of use, maintenance, and model type.

Can I stack any LG or Whirlpool dryer models?

Many LG and Whirlpool dryer models are stackable when paired with the matching washer. However, it’s advisable to check the compatibility of specific models to ensure they can be safely and effectively stacked.

How do ventless dryers by LG and Whirlpool compare to vented models?

LG and Whirlpool’s ventless dryers use condensation or heat pump technologies to dry clothes without needing external venting, making them ideal for spaces where traditional venting isn’t possible. While highly efficient and offer flexible installation, vented models are known for their faster drying times and are generally more cost-effective.