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Electric Ranges

  • Electric ranges are known for convenience and reliability, and for being one of the most cost-effective choices for the kitchen. Coast Appliances is ready to help you choose from our complete line of electric ranges, with our delivery/haul-away service to make the transition to a new range easy.

Electric Ranges Benefits

Electric ranges are increasingly favored in modern kitchens for their user-friendly nature and consistent cooking capabilities. They feature sleek, easy-to-clean cooktops and deliver uniform heat distribution, ensuring evenly cooked meals. These appliances are equipped with versatile features such as adjustable burner sizes, warming zones, and convection oven settings, which provide greater cooking flexibility and control.


Safety and energy efficiency are other significant benefits of electric ranges. Their flameless design lowers the risk of kitchen fires, making them ideal for homes with children or pets. They offer precise temperature control, crucial for baking and simmering. In terms of energy use, electric ranges are often more efficient than gas models, in line with the trend towards eco-friendly home appliances. They commonly include energy-saving modes and effective insulation, which help to reduce electricity consumption and can lead to lower energy bills.

Bringing Your Electric Range Home

Selecting the perfect electric range requires considering your cooking habits and kitchen space. Start by measuring your kitchen to ensure a proper fit for the range. Choose a style that fits your kitchen’s aesthetics, like freestanding or slide-in models. For avid bakers, prioritize ranges with sophisticated oven features. If your cooking style is diverse, opt for models with various burner options and additional features like griddles or warming drawers.


When it comes to installation, although electric ranges are typically easier to install than gas ranges, opting for our professional installation services is highly recommended. This ensures your range is installed correctly and safely, in compliance with all safety standards. The Coast Appliances team will not only properly set up your new appliance but will also guide you through its specific features and maintenance requirements.  Regular maintenance, including cleaning the cooktop and oven and monitoring for electrical issues, is vital to ensure your appliance remains in excellent condition. With appropriate care, your electric range will serve as a reliable and efficient kitchen tool, enriching your cooking experience for years to come. For more detailed information on our delivery, installation, and haul-away services, please visit our shipping and delivery page. 

Electric Ranges FAQ

Coast Appliances carries electric ranges from dependable brands including Whirlpool, Samsung, GE Appliances and many more.

A “stove” is a term for a cooktop, the part that pots and pans are heated on top of. A “range” is a term for a cooktop paired with an oven underneath.

Electric elements like those found in electric ranges are among the most efficient kitchen heating methods. On average they are about 74 percent efficient, compared to 40 percent for gas ranges.

Electric ranges are known to last around 13-15 years. Regular maintenance can help extend the life of any appliance.

Some popular brands of electric ranges include Frigidaire, Maytag Canada and LG. Coast Appliances carries all of these and more.