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  • When you want to optimize your kitchen, Coast Appliances’ line of Elica appliances can help you improve in areas that are easy to overlook. With a wide selection of specialty refrigerators, range hoods, and other appliances, our competitively priced Elica goods are great for many homes. And if getting new appliances feels like a lot of work, take advantage of our delivery and removal services.
Elica FAQ

Elica is a widely respected, popular European appliance brand. You’ll find Elica goods across the continent in homes and apartments, and the brand is well-trusted across North America as well. Elica appliances are known to work hard and last a long time.

Elica is an Italian company that’s been publicly traded since 2006. It has subsidiaries known as Airforce and Fime, both of which are also respected brands in their own rights. Elica is a strong brand name with great recognition across the world.

First, make sure the hood is completely turned off, and turn off the power for the hood at the breaker. Additionally, allow the lights to cool before you try to handle them. With that done, you can remove the inner lamp lens cover by taking out the screws. That provides access to the bulb, so you can replace it like any other bulb. Reassembly is the reverse process.

You can wash the stainless steel or aluminum vent hoods with neutral soap and warm water. Use a soft sponge for scrubbing, and allow the hood to dry thoroughly. This should be repeated monthly.