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Fulgor Milano

  • If you want your kitchen to be the envy of all others, then you need top-of-the-line appliances. For that, Coast Appliances can point you to the lineup of Fulgor Milano luxury kitchen appliances. These are the cream of the crop, and with Coast Appliances’ delivery and removal service, installing them can feel just as luxurious as using and owning them.
Fulgor Milano FAQ

Fulgor Milano is a high-end, uber-luxury brand that often competes with the likes of Wolf. The price points come in just below the highest-end appliances that you can find for home use. With that little bit of savings, you still get extreme luxury and quality.

Fulgor Milano is an Italian company, and the appliances are manufactured outside of Milan. That said, the company has manufacturing agreements with North American companies like GE and Bosch, which often provide finishing work for the Italian imports. In that sense, they’re actually made in many places.

Fulgor Milano has both professional and consumer product lines. The appliances available at Coast Appliances are from the consumer line. While they are intended for home use, they’re made well above many professional manufacturing standards.

It’s ultimately up to you whether or not something is worth the money. Fulgor Milano appliances are typically considered a high-value investment. Because they work so well and last long, they tend to increase home sale value when installed, so in a general sense, they can definitely be worth the money.