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  • Since 1978, Venmar has been a leading Canadian manufacturer of ventilation systems, range hoods, and air exchangers. Coast Appliances offers a significant selection of Venmar products, including wall mount and chimney range hoods. We'll give you the best price if you're looking for a new Venmar range hood, but we also offer flexible financing. In addition, our delivery team will bring your new Venmar range hood right to you and remove your old one.
Venmar FAQ

Venmar's superior products stand out from the competition because of their efficiency, outstanding performance, and durability. As a result, Venmar is a leading player in its field, constantly improving the air quality in the homes and workplaces of its many customers.

Venmar manufactures and distributes ventilation systems, range hoods, and air exchangers. We offer a wide selection of Venmar range hoods in Canada, and we look forward to helping you choose the right one for your needs.

A Venmar range hood draws in odors and cooking vapors with powerful turbines. The motors are highly efficient and also equipped with soundproofing material. The range hood's performance is measured by its drawn air flow, in the cubic foot by minutes (CFM), and by its sound level, in sones. If you're looking for a near-silent yet efficient range hood, Coast Appliances has an extensive selection of Venmar hoods that’ll check every box.

Venmar ranks among the leading North American manufacturers of indoor air quality products for residential use. Rigorous tests conducted by an independent laboratory ensure the quality of their products. In addition, all Venmar range hoods are HVI (Home Ventilating Institute) certified.