Coast Appliances Amana Washers and Dryer

Amana Washer Dryer Sets

  • Amana washer and dryer sets provide powerful, convenient, and affordable ways to keep your laundry fresh. Coast Appliances has a collection of Amana washer and dryer sets that include everything you need to install and use your washer and dryer. Combined with Coast Appliances' delivery and removal service, upgrading your laundry appliances has never been easier.
Amana Washer Dryer Sets FAQ

The full set includes a top load washer, electric dryer, braided stainless steel washing machine hoses, and a hose clamp and duct kit. That’s everything you need to fully install your new appliances and use them right away. Coast Appliances also offers a delivery and removal service that will clear a spot for your new laundry set and take care of the hassle of disposal.

Amana washers and dryers come with a competitive manufacturer's warranty. You can also upgrade your warranty options to a maximum 4-year protection plan. This covers any defects or problems that arise in those 4 years, protecting you for a long time.

The best way to customize your washer and dryer set is with the protection plan of your choice, guaranteeing longevity for the device. Currently, Coast Appliances offers white top load washers and white electric dryers. These streamlined options help keep prices down.

Amana washers and dryers are modern devices that work much like any other you have seen. Simply adjust the dials to your desired settings, add laundry soap and/or dryer sheets as you see fit, and let the appliances do the rest. Coast Appliances also offers a delivery service to help you install your appliances.