Coast Appliances Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Under Cabinet Range Hoods

  • For ease and simplicity, an under-cabinet range hood can be the best kitchen ventilation option. These need a cabinet over your cooking range, but they are often simpler - and more budget-friendly - than other ventilation options. Coast Appliances has under-cabinet range hoods to match any kitchen.

Under Cabinet Range Hood Benefits

Under cabinet range hoods are a discreet and efficient solution for kitchen ventilation, designed to fit snugly under overhead cabinets. This placement ensures that they do not obstruct the kitchen’s visual flow, making them ideal for smaller kitchens or any layout where space is at a premium. Despite their compact size, under cabinet hoods are effective at capturing and eliminating smoke, grease, and odors, helping to maintain a clean and fresh kitchen environment.


These range hoods offer a variety of designs and finishes that can seamlessly blend with existing kitchen appliances and cabinetry. Most models are equipped with user-friendly controls, multiple fan speed settings, and built-in lighting that provides additional illumination to the cooking area. Their practical design is complemented by relatively easy installation and maintenance, making under cabinet range hoods a favorite among homeowners looking for functionality without compromising on style.

Bringing Your Under Cabinet Range Hood Home

When selecting an under cabinet range hood, it is important to consider the size of the hood in relation to your cooktop. Ideally, the hood should cover the entire width of the cooktop to maximize its efficiency in capturing pollutants. The unit’s CFM rating should align with your cooking habitsmore frequent or high-heat cooking will require a hood with a higher CFM to effectively manage air quality.


The installation of an under cabinet range hood is typically straightforward, as it is designed to integrate with the cabinetry. It is still advisable to have professionals handle the installation to ensure it is securely fitted and properly vented. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the grease filters and checking the ventilation ducts for obstructions, will extend the life of the hood and keep it performing well. 

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Under Cabinet Range Hoods FAQ

While under cabinet range hoods can be vented to the outside, they don’t have to be. One advantage of many under cabinet range hoods is the flexibility to vent filtered air back into the kitchen.

Under cabinet range hoods can be an effective way to vent airborne grease and odors from your cooking area.

Under cabinet range hoods can be vented into the ductwork and then outside through the wall. Many have a “ductless” option that filters the air and recirculates it in the kitchen.

Coast Appliances carries a broad array of models from popular under-cabinet range hood brands, including Broan, Whirlpool and Elica.