Coast Appliances Wall Mount Range Hoods

Wall Mount Range Hoods

  • Keep smoke, steam and odors at bay with a wall-mount range hood over your cooking range. Whatever your style, Coast Appliances has a range hood to match.

Wall Mount Benefits

Wall mount range hoods are a popular choice for kitchens with cooktops or ranges located against the wall. These units provide powerful ventilation directly above the cooking area, capturing smoke, steam, and odors right at the source. By installing a wall mount range hood, you enhance the air quality of your kitchen while also protecting your walls from grease and heat damage. These hoods often serve as a stylish statement piece in kitchen design, available in various styles and finishes that can complement any décor.


The functionality of wall mount range hoods extends beyond basic ventilation. Many models come equipped with advanced features such as LED lighting to illuminate the cooktop, easy-to-use touch controls, and even Wi-Fi connectivity to integrate with other smart home devices. These features contribute to a more convenient and efficient cooking experience, making wall mount hoods a practical addition to any modern kitchen.

Bringing Your Wall Mount Home

Choosing the correct wall mount range hood involves considering the size of your cooktop and the overall size of your kitchen. The hood should be at least as wide as the cooktop to effectively capture and vent air. Additionally, consider the hood’s CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating—the higher the CFM, the more air it can move, which is particularly important for kitchens with heavy cooking.


Installation of a wall mount range hood can be more complex than other types due to its position and the ductwork required. Our professional installation is recommended to ensure that it is mounted securely and connected properly to your home’s ventilation system. Once installed, maintaining your wall mount range hood is key to its longevity and performance. Regular cleaning of the filters and checking the ducts for blockages will help maintain optimal functionality.

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Wall Mount Range Hoods FAQ

Wall-mount range hoods are secured to the wall with screws and anchors (depending on the wall's construction). This can be a tricky DIY job; Coast Appliances can recommend a professional installer from our network.

Wall-mounted range hoods vent through the wall or the roof, depending on where they’re mounted and the shortest path for the ductwork.

A wall-mounted range hood is a metal umbrella that is mounted above a cooktop. It has a powerful fan and filters to pull hot air, smoke, steam and odors away from the cooking surface and send them outside.

Coast Appliances carries a wide range of wall-mounted range hoods, from ventilation specialists like Broan and Venmar, and appliance manufacturers like Wolf, Miele and Fisher Paykel.