Best Cooking Ranges and Stoves for 2024

Stoves have evolved in design and features to become cooking ranges offering an elevated cooking experience. There are different types of cooking ranges based on fuels, number of burners, and design. In this article, we will discuss in detail all the types and brands to give you a clear picture and help you find the one you are looking for.

Here, we will cover:

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List of the Top 10 Overall Ranges

Type: Electric

Key Features:

  • Air Fry: Delivers crispy flavor to feed a crowd with no oil. No preheating required.
  • LG ProBake Convection: Even heating on every baking rack.
  • EasyClean technology: get a squeaky-clean oven in just 10 minutes.
  • 3-in-1 Design: allows unlimited flexibility. Go from 12" to 9" and even 6" with just a turn.
  • Spacious 6.3 cu. ft. oven: can fit a wide range of dishes.

Type: Electric

Key Features:

  • Self-clean options: available in 2, 3, and 4-hour cycles.
  • Quick boiling: with 3,000W element.
  • Extra-large 12" element: for more flexibility with large pots and pans.
  • 3 cu. ft. oven capacity: to cook for a crowd.

Type: Gas

Key Features:

  • Even-Heating: for true convection experience.
  • Separate Steam Rack: To keep foods juicy.
  • 5.8 cu ft. Oven Capacity: to cook larger portions.
  • 5 Burners: 5k, 8k, 9.2k, 15k, and 17k capacities.
  • EasyConvect: allows simple conversion to convection.

Type: Gas

Key Features:

  • Fully Wi-Fi connected and voice-enabled: to simplify the cooking experience.
  • Air Fry: for oil-free, crispy food.
  • Convection: saves time by cooking food fast and evenly.
  • 5-burner cooktop with cast iron edge-to-edge grates: allows easy sliding of pots.
  • Griddle or Grill: with reversible cast iron griddle.
  • Integrate cooking range with smartphone: through the SmartThings App.
  • Large 6.0 cu. ft. oven: fits multiple meals.
  • Self-clean: hassle-free cleaning.
  • Unique Smart Dial: simplifies oven settings in a single dial.

Type: Electric

Key Features:

  • Frozen Bake™ Technology: eliminates preheating for favorites like pizza, lasagna, chicken nuggets, fries, or pies.
  • True convection: cooks food faster.
  • FlexHeat™ Triple Radiant Element: fits small pots and pans and makes room for larger cookware.
  • Convection Conversion: does the math for you to adjust cooking temperatures.
  • AquaLift® Self-Clean technology: provides odor-free cleaning without harsh chemicals in only 50 minutes.

Type: Gas

Key Features:

  • 5.8 cu. ft. capacity: to expand food options.
  • Built-In Air Fry: for oil-free, crispy foods.
  • Fan Convection: for even heating.
  • Easy clean: Get a spotless oven in just 10 minutes.
  • UltraHeat™ 20,000 BTU burner: boils water faster.

Type: Gas

Key Features:

  • Air Fry: Make healthy, guilt-free fries.
  • True Convection: Faster, more even baking.
  • Removable Five Burner Cooktop: Easy cleaning.
  • Powerful 18,000 BTU burner: for faster cooking.
  • Fast Steam Cleaning Option: no scrubbing or chemicals.
  • 5.6 Cu. Ft. oven capacity: to feed a small crowd.

Type: Gas

Key Features:

  • Even-Heat™ True Convection: for flawless cooking results.
  • 5.8 cu. ft. Oven capacity: for preparing multiple dishes.
  • 5 burners (5k, 8k, 9.5k, 15k, and 18k) and removable griddle: to get a rolling boil and even, light simmer.
  • EasyConvect™ Conversion System: eliminates guesswork while cooking.

Type: Electric

Key Features:

  • Smart Dial: simplifies oven settings in a single dial.
  • Air Fry: for healthier cooking with a crunch.
  • Powerful Convection: saves time by cooking food fast and evenly.
  • Samsung’s 3600 W Express Boil: for flexible cooking temperature.
  • SmartThings™ App: Preheat, monitor, and adjust cook time and temperature from smartphone.
  • Large 6.3 cu. ft. oven: fits multiple meals at one time.

Type: Electric

Key Features:

  • Fingerprint-Resistant Stainless Steel: for easy cleaning.
  • Power Preheat: to cook dinner faster.
  • 10-inch power element: allows for a slow, even sauté and intense heat for a seared, juicy steak.
  • True convection: uses a powerful third heating element and sturdy fan to circulate even temperatures.
  • Auto Convect Conversion: for easy bake, broil, and roast.

Best Cook Ranges by Type

Here is a list of handpicked selections from each range that includes fuel, budget, kitchen size, cooking type, etc.

Best Budget Range

Whirlpool - YWFC315S0JS

For those looking to simplify cooking on a budget, this electric range can be a good option. It has all the popular features like a Large Oven Window, Closed Door Broiling, Control Lock Mode, and Adjustable Self-Cleaning Technology. "Keep warm setting" is a bonus to prevent dinner from getting cold. 4.8 cu. ft. capacity is perfect for cooking for the whole family.

Best High-End Range

Wolf - DF48650G/S/P

This 6-burner cooking range with an infrared girdle is what a modern kitchen needs for powerful cooking. The dual fuel range allows baking, roasting, and broiling with perfection for gourmet cooking. The dehydrate option is the best for making dried tomatoes and jerky at home. The self-clean feature makes cleaning hassle-free. This Wolf Dual range is simply a power-packed cooking range that fits almost all needs.

Best Electric Range

Frigidaire - PCFE307CAF

This electric range makes the healthiest meals with air fry technology. Frigidaire Professional 30'' Front Control cooking range is loaded with exclusive features like True Convection, Expandable Elements, Temperature probe, Quick Boil, and more. With a capacity of 5.4 cu. ft., this oven offers ample options to bring variety to any dinner.

Best Gas Range

Samsung - NX60A6511SS

This gas range not only elevates the look of the kitchen but also upgrades it with technology-based cooking. The Samsung 6.0 cu. ft. smart range has air fry, Wi-Fi connectivity, and convection features. Conveniently use voice to control your oven whether it's Alexa, Bixby, or Google. Large capacity oven to feed a crowd. The 5-burner cooktop includes 2 power burners and cast iron edge-to-edge grates for faster cooking.

Best Induction Range

Samsung - NE63B8411SS

Samsung Induction Range offers instant heating for high-speed cooking without compromising the stylish look. This power and efficient range has a 3800 W Induction Power Burner, Induction Range Glass Cooktop, Slide-in Design, and a large capacity of 6.3 cu. ft. It comes with an air fry for healthy and crispy cooking.

Best Double Oven Range

Café™ - CC2S950P2MS1

Cafe Dual-Fuel Double Oven comes with Convection Range Stainless Steel, expansive six-burner cooktop, Wi-Fi connectivity, and LED control panel. The range not only redefines smart cooking but also adds to the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal.

What to Consider When Buying a Range

Different cooking ranges have different features, each with a specific utility. The specific needs of each kitchen determine the best-suited cooking range. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best cooking range for your kitchen.

Fuel Type: Gas ranges enable precise cooking while electric is great for baking and also affordable. The dual range combines the best of both worlds.

Space/Design: Freestanding is super easy to install, whereas a slide-in can add a customized look to the kitchen. A drop-in range is great for space maximization. The wall design allows more flexibility in the kitchen, providing more storage space.

Cost: Inexpensive cooking ranges are available for a few hundred dollars but will have no exclusive features. When you pay more, you get the added benefits of advanced features for more stress-free cooking.

Capacity: A typical 30-inch cooking range with 4 to 5 burners is very common and suffices for a small family. For those willing to upgrade, always choose a larger capacity oven for more dishes and also for feeding a crowd at home.  

Uses: As discussed earlier, a gas oven is best for cooking and electric ovens are unparalleled for baking. If you want both, go for a dual model.

Features: Some advanced features like Air Fry, Easy Clean, Fast Boil, Voice Command, and Wi-Fi connectivity are a necessity in a modern kitchen. Compromising on these features can mean more time in the kitchen and less time for family or other work.

Color/Finish: choose the color and finish that suits the design of your kitchen. However, always pick an easy-to-clean model to prevent the finish or color from fading.

Best Range FAQs

Which brand of range is the best?

Samsung and LG are the most preferred brands for cooking ranges because of their after-sales services. Frigidaire and Kitchen aid are also making a mark.

What ranges do professional chefs use at home?

Chefs mostly prefer professional ranges from Wolf, KitchenAid, etc. depending on their area of specialty in cooking or baking.

What are the most energy-efficient stoves?

Induction cooking ranges are highly energy efficient. Cooking with convection also saves a fair amount of energy. Looking for energy-star certified units is a good way to choose.

Which stoves last the longest?

Gas-fueled cooking ranges have the longest life expectancy.

Which range brand is most reliable?

LG, Samsung, GE, KitchenAid, and Frigidaire are reliable brands when it comes to cooking range.

The information on this article is not a promise of service. While we present the most accurate information we can, customers must check each brand and model for the manufacturers' information. Each model has their individual care and maintenance guidelines, normal expected use and lifespan with proper maintenance and care. Customers are responsible for checking information for their appliance, the user manual, manufacturer guidelines as well as using professional services.