What Is a Speed Oven?

Are you tired of waiting for your microwave to heat up your food? Or maybe you're looking for an appliance that can do more than just reheat leftovers? If so, you might want to consider a speed oven. But what exactly is a speed oven, and why would someone want to switch from a microwave to this appliance? A speed oven can be described as a combination appliance with the perks of a microwave, convection oven, and grill. Speed ovens can also handle a wider range of cooking tasks. If you're someone who wants to know more about this wonderful cooking technology, then read on. This article will dive deeper to answer questions like, “What is a speed oven?” “What makes a speed oven different?” “How does it work?” and more.  

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What Is a Speed Oven?  

As it is evident from the name, a speed oven is designed to drastically reduce your cooking time without compromising on results. It can be called a hybrid cooking appliance with the features of a microwave, a convection oven, and a regular oven. It looks similar to a traditional oven but is a lot more compact in size. It comes with a digital display panel with touch controls. The inner cavity of a speed oven is usually made of stainless steel, which makes cleaning a breeze.  

Unlike a microwave, a speed oven uses a combination of convection heating and microwave energy to cook food faster and evenly. It has a convection fan that circulates hot air around the food, and the microwave technology heats the food from the inside, penetrating it to the outside. This results in perfectly cooked dishes that are crispy on the outside.  

Compared to traditional ovens, a speed oven is faster and more energy-efficient, which makes it a great choice for busy families or anyone who wants to save time in the kitchen. This kitchen gadget can handle multiple cooking tasks like reheating leftovers, baking, grilling, etc., making it a versatile appliance to complement any high-end oven in your kitchen. Speed ovens can also replace multiple cooking appliances in modern kitchens. 

How Does a Speed Oven Work? 

A speed oven works by combining two types of cooking technology: convection heating and microwave energy. Convection heating uses a fan to circulate hot air around the food, while microwave energy penetrates the food, cooking it quickly and evenly. With a speed oven, you can enjoy the freedom of switching between the two cooking modes depending on the recipe you are preparing or the kind of result you desire.  

The working principle of a speed oven is quite interesting as it combines a microwave and a convection oven. The electromagnetic waves generated by the magnetron stimulate water molecules in the food to vibrate, generating heat. This heat cooks the food from the inside out while the convection fan circulates hot air around the food, cooking it from the outside in. Together, these two types of cooking technology create a powerful and efficient appliance that can save you time and energy in the kitchen. 

The Benefits of Owning a Speed Oven 

Owning a speed oven can make life easier. First off, you can swiftly and effectively prepare a variety of foods thanks to its speed and versatility. A speed oven can handle any task, including baking a cake, roasting a chicken, and reheating leftovers.  

A speed oven can also help you save money and energy by cooking food faster than conventional ovens while using less energy. Thanks to the combination of convection heating and microwave energy, which can reduce your energy bills while serving your home-cooked meals in minutes. 

Compared to other types of ovens, a speed oven is easier to use. Its touch controls and pre-programmed cooking options make it simple to use, and its modest size makes it a perfect fit for kitchens with limited space. Also, the aesthetic design can elevate the look and feel of your kitchen. 

Features to Consider When Choosing a Speed Oven  

With all the benefits mentioned above, you might be considering investing in a speed oven but choosing the right one for your kitchen can be challenging with so many models and brands in the market. However, choosing the right one is also important to make the most out of this powerful appliance. Don't worry, we’re here to help with all the information you need to know to figure out which speed oven will be your best pick.   

Start by analyzing your individual kitchen needs and preferences before making a purchase. Factors to consider include the size of your kitchen, the recipes you love to cook, and your budget. When you have decided upon these factors, it’s time to look for the features that are important to you. Here is a list of all the in-demand features of speed ovens and how they can transform your cooking experience.  

Combination cooking 

As already highlighted above, this is the hero feature of the speed oven. It combines the speed of microwave cooking with the even heating of convection cooking to give you the best of both worlds. 

Pre-set cooking programs 

Many speed ovens come with pre-set cooking programs for popular dishes like pizza, popcorn, and baked potatoes. These programs take the guesswork out of cooking and ensure that your food comes out perfectly every time. 

Touch controls 

Instead of fiddling with knobs and dials, most speed ovens feature touch controls that are easy to use and give you precise control over your cooking. 

Self-cleaning function 

Cleaning an oven is a chore no one looks forward to. Thankfully, many speed ovens come with a self-cleaning function that makes it easy to keep your oven looking like new. 

In case you were wondering how a self-cleaning oven work, don’t forget to check it out. 

Sensor cooking 

Some speed ovens contain sensors that can measure the moisture content and temperature of your food, regulating the power and cooking time accordingly to guarantee that your food is always cooked to perfection. 

How to Use a Speed Oven 

Using a speed oven can seem intimidating if you've never used one before, but it's actually quite simple. Here's a general guide on how to use a speed oven:  

1. Familiarize yourself with the oven: Before you start cooking, take some time to read the manual and get to know the different features and settings of your speed oven.  

2. Choose the right cookware: Speed ovens work best with microwave-safe and metal cookware. Avoid using plastic, as it can melt or warp in the high temperatures of a speed oven.  

3. Preheat the oven: Most speed ovens don't require preheating, but if you are using the convection function, then preheating the oven is suggested for more even cooking and delectable results.  

4. Set the cooking time and power: Depending on what you're cooking, you'll need to set the cooking time and power level. Refer to the manual for specific instructions.  

5. Start cooking: Once you've set the cooking time and power, press start and let the oven do its thing.  

6. Check the food: About halfway through the cooking time, pause the oven and check the food to ensure it is cooking evenly. If necessary, rotate the dish or adjust the cooking time. 

7. Finish cooking: When done cooking, remove the dish from the oven and let it cool before serving.  

Remember to always refer to the manual for more specific instructions on using your particular speed oven model. With a little practice, you'll be able to use your speed oven to whip up delicious meals in no time. 

Popular Speed Oven Brands and Reviews 

Several popular brands offer advanced speed ovens to meet the requirements of modern families. Each brand has its best models loaded with incredible features and unique capacities. Here are some of the most popular speed oven brands and their top models.  

AEG is a trusted kitchen appliance brand that offers a wide collection of speed ovens. AEG’s 38-liter stainless steel wall-mounted speed oven with model number MCC4538E II deserves a mention. It is considered a budget-friendly model with microwave, convection, and grill modes.  

If you are looking for high-end brands, then Wolf’s 1.6 cu ft Speed Wall Oven
with the model number SPO30PE/S/PH will suit your preferences. With lower preheating time and enhanced microwave power, this model could be a valuable addition to your kitchen.  

The Fisher Paykel’s 1.3 cu ft Stainless Speed Wall Oven with the model number OM24NDB1 is also a good choice for a modern family with a higher budget. It offers incredible cooking flexibility in a compact size and is also pac
ked with advanced features like self-clean, intuitive controls, etc.

FAQs about What a Speed Oven Is and Speed Oven Uses

What is the difference between a speed oven and a regular oven? 

While a typical oven employs either convection or traditional heating techniques to cook food more slowly, a speed oven combines the advantages of a microwave and a convection oven to cook food quickly and evenly. 

Can a speed oven be used as a regular oven? 

Yes, you can bake, roast, broil, and grill food in a speed oven, just like you would in a standard oven.

Do speed ovens need to be vented? 

Yes, speed ovens typically need to be vented to the outside, as they generate heat and moisture during operation. Venting helps prevent the build-up of excess heat and moisture that can damage the oven and surrounding cabinetry. 

What is the advantage of a speed oven? 

Speed ovens are great for people who want to save time in the kitchen because of their ability to cook food quickly and evenly. It provides the convenience and adaptability of a microwave, along with the cooking capabilities of a standard oven. 

Can you put aluminum foil in a speed oven? 

Aluminum foil is typically safe to use in a speed oven, but ensure that the entire surface is not covered as this could trap heat and perhaps damage the oven. 

Can you bake a cake in a speed oven? 

The convection feature of a speed oven can be used to bake a cake. This feature distributes hot air throughout the oven to guarantee that the cake bakes and browns evenly.  

Final Thoughts 

Speed ovens are packed with features that make them a great addition to any kitchen. They stand out because they offer the convenience and speed of a microwave and the cooking capabilities of a traditional oven in one compact appliance. If you plan to upgrade your kitchen with this modern appliance browse through numerous models and makes of speed ovens in different price ranges. You can research the specifications and features to pick the one that best meets your kitchen needs.