A Complete Guide to Dishwasher Dimensions and Dishwasher Sizes

A dishwasher is a necessity in a modern kitchen, but finding the right one to fit your budget and needs can be challenging. To help you find the perfect dishwasher, this article will discuss everything you need to know about this time-saving kitchen appliance. From different dishwasher models to their dimensions and ways to select the perfect dishwasher size, keep reading.  

In this article, we’ll cover: 


What Are Standard Dishwasher Dimensions? 

Most modern kitchens are made for standard-size dishwashers. Although all makes and models of dishwashers look the same, they typically differ in dimensions. Standard dishwashers are often known as built-in dishwashers. These usually come in the typical dimension of 24” in width, 24” in depth, and 35” in height. Sometimes, the dimensions can be a little less to allow space around the appliance.

Below is a list of three top models of standard-size dishwashers that will perfectly suit your family's requirements and complement your kitchen.  

Whirlpool is a trusted brand in home and kitchen appliances. The Whirlpool WDF330PAHW tops our list because of its affordable price range. For approximately $650, you get a standard dishwasher equipped with a soil sensor, three wash cycles, and two racks. It is also energy efficient and ensures faster cleaning of even the most soiled and greasy plates.

The LG LDTS5552S built-in dishwasher offers 10 different wash cycles, Wifi connectivity, a leak protection system, and adjustable racks for approximately $1K. The price is worth it because this dishwasher sanitizes, cleans, and dries dishes from every angle and is Energy Star-qualified. The dishwasher is equipped with ThinQ technology that sends notifications to your smartphone when the wash cycle is completed. It saves you from frequently checking the dishwasher to know if the dishes are done.

The Bosch SHPM98W75N is a little on the expensive side but still deserves to be on this list for more than one reason. The 39dBA ensures that the dishwasher operates quietly. It is energy-efficient, has three adjustable racks, a pocket-type handle, and a leak protection system. Equipped with 6 different wash cycles, this dishwasher can clean dirty dishes in minutes. The touch-control technology makes cycle programming easier and smooth gliding racks simplify loading and unloading. 

How Many Sizes of Dishwashers Are There? 

As mentioned earlier, not all dishwashers are the same size. There are five types of dishwashers: standard, oversized, compact, countertop, and portable. The dimensions of these dishwashers mostly vary in width and sometimes in depth. Portable models are an exception to this because they are often taller than others.  

Check out the different types of dishwasher sizes below to determine which one will fit your kitchen.

Standard-size dishwasher: As discussed above, standard dishwashers are mostly available in 24” (wide) x 24” (deep) x 35” (height). Sometimes, this size can be a couple of inches or even a fraction of an inch less to allow room between the appliance and the wall to the sides and behind it. Most kitchen cabinets are designed to fit standard-size dishwashers, but it is also important to note that the dishwasher handle can increase the depth.

Oversized dishwasher: These dishwashers are generally wider than standard-size models. The average size of oversized dishwashers varies from 30” to 42” in width, 24” in depth, and 35” in height.

Compact dishwasher: These dishwashers are designed for urban living where space is a concern. The width is around 18” with a depth of 24” and a height of 35”. Compact dishwashers are perfect for small homes, apartments, mobile homes, entertainment spaces, recreational vehicles, etc.

Portable/In-sink dishwasher: These dishwashers are available in the size range of 18” to 2” wide, 26” to 30” deep, and 36” to 37” high. These models do not require space beneath the kitchen counter for installation. They can be standalone dishwashers or placed on the kitchen counter.

Countertop dishwashers: Modern kitchen counters often lack adequate space, so installing a large appliance is impractical. This is where countertop models offer the best solution. With a size of 22” wide, 20” deep, and 17” high, these models can easily fit on most kitchen counters.

Dishwasher Size Chart 

With so many options to choose from, deciding on the right size can be tricky. The first step is to measure the space below your kitchen counter where the dishwasher will be installed. This will provide an approximate idea of which model will fit to provide a seamless look. If space is no concern, you can choose a model based on your requirements. For countertop models, measuring the depth is always a good idea to determine the size of the dishwasher you need.

To help you compare the sizes of all five dishwasher models, check out the chart below.

Dishwasher Type Width Depth Height

Standard built-in 


60.96 cm


60.96 cm 


86.36 cm 

Oversized built-in 


60.96 cm

30” to 42” 

76.2 to 106.68 cm 


86.36 cm 

Compact built-in 


60.96 cm 


45.72 cm 


86.36 cm 



66.04 cm 


61.28 cm


93.98 cm 

How to Measure a Dishwasher? 

To ensure you choose the correct size of the dishwasher for your kitchen, it is important to measure the space beneath the kitchen counter and the dishwasher with the same measuring tape before purchasing. The following is a step-by-step guide to help you correctly measure the dishwasher.  

Start by measuring the width: 

Take a measuring tape and start with a point on the extreme right side of the dishwasher and then to the extreme left of the dishwasher. Measure with the tape below the handle from the right to left of the dishwasher to get the exact measurement.

Measure the depth: 

To determine if the dishwasher will fit beneath your kitchen counter, measure from the handle to the back of the dishwasher to get the correct measurement. Remember to leave at least 27” of free space in front of the dishwasher after installation to allow enough room to open and close the door for loading and unloading.  

Finally, measure the height: 

To measure the height, hold the tape from the floor to the topmost part of the dishwasher. The tape should be perpendicular to the floor and in a straight line to get the correct measurement of its height. 

How Do You Know What Size Dishwasher to Buy? 

By now, you already have an idea of how to determine the size of your dishwasher. To eliminate further guesswork, we will provide some tips so you do not buy the wrong dishwasher. The dimension of the kitchen counter, the size of your kitchen, your requirements, and your budget are crucial factors in choosing the right dishwasher.   

Start by measuring the size of the opening beneath your kitchen counter. For instance, if you determine that it fits a standard-size dishwasher with a measurement of 24” x 24” x 35”, we recommend a standard dishwasher model that is a little smaller than the opening. This will provide enough room on all sides and avoid a tight fit, so a measurement of 22” to 23.5” x 20” to 22” x 33” to 34.5” would be a good option. If you do not find a dishwasher that leaves a little space around the sides and back, choose a model that leaves a little room on at least two sides.  

Installation can vary from model to model, so check before you purchase. For small apartments with less space, a compact model is a wise choice. If you have a big family and space is not a concern, choosing a portable or an oversized model will not be a problem. However, for small families with ample space in the kitchen, installing a standard-model dishwasher is the best option. It will meet your requirements and save you money.  

FAQs About Dishwasher Dimensions and Sizes 

Are all dishwashers standard sizes? 

Dishwashers may have the same function, but they come in five different models and different sizes. These five models are the standard dishwasher, compact dishwasher, portable dishwasher, oversized dishwasher, and countertop dishwasher. The standard model is 24” (wide) x 24” (deep) x 35” (high). The other models vary in size based on width and depth except for the portable model, which is a little taller. 

What size dishwasher for a family of 4? 

A standard-size dishwasher can meet the requirements of a family of 4 that includes adults and children. However, if all 4 are adults, a standard dishwasher might not suffice. 

What are the different widths of dishwashers? 

Several types and models of dishwashers are available that are distinguished primarily by width. Generally, the width of a dishwasher varies from 18” to 42”. While 18” wide dishwashers are considered compact models most suitable for small kitchens, 42” wide models are oversized dishwashers meant for big families. A width of 24” is considered a standard model and is mostly used in urban kitchens. 

Is an 18” dishwasher too small? 

An 18” wide dishwasher is a compact model ideally suited for people with small kitchens to enjoy the convenience of a dishwasher. The compact model might be small in size, but its size does not affect its features. It can perform all the tasks of a full-size dishwasher. The only limitation of this model is space as it washes fewer dishes than a full-size dishwasher.

Which dishwasher is best for a small family? 

For a small family of 2 or 3 people, a compact dishwasher will be sufficient. However, it depends on the requirements. A compact dishwasher is 18” wide, 24” deep, and 35” tall. It has all the features of a standard dishwasher, but the rack space is smaller. 

Which dishwasher is best for a big family? 

If space is no issue, an oversized dishwasher is perfect for a large family. With the width ranging from 30” to 42”, these dishwashers provide adequate space for larger loads. For smaller kitchens, a standard model is a better choice, but more than one cycle may be necessary for large loads.

What size dishwasher for a family of 5? 

A standard dishwasher will suit the requirement of a family of 5. It has adequate space for large loads. However, the choice of dishwasher depends entirely on the needs of the family. If usage is likely to exceed what a standard model can provide, choose a portable or oversized one. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right dishwasher does not need to be complicated. By following a few simple steps to measure and assess usage requirements, you can easily pick the model right for your kitchen. To browse through different models and sizes, check out our selection of dishwashers.  

You can also download our free dishwasher buying guide e-book to ensure you get the best value for money. Plus: What can you buy in your budget, Dishwasher features to look for, frequently asked questions, and a checklist so you can make an informed decision.